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Monday, March 26, 2012

This guy is the Kenny Powers of pitching coaches

I absolutely love the passion displayed here by pitching coach Buddy York. You can tell he wants to win more than any of those players in that locker room. With that being said it's hard not to chuckle at some guy wearing a 'PEANUTS" uniform screaming obscenities. I mean it's human nature to laugh a little right? The guy has a fucking smiling peanut slapped on his chest.

Everything York said here was correct. It drives me insane when a pitcher gets behind in the count 2-0 especially if you are out in the field. It's hot as shit and we are wearing pants and all I can think about is the cold beer, I mean water, in the dugout that is just calling my name. Let the hitter hit and the defense make the plays is my motto. There is nothing worse than standing out on a scorching field with your pitcher throwing ball after ball and your sweaty nuts are swollen inside your uncomfortable cup because Smoke can't find the strike zone.

I give York a solid 8 on the speech. I was waiting for him to throw some shit or cut a player off the team. Now watch York lose his job because he used naughty words and some pussy complains to the GM.

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