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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Blake Griffin Posterized Pau Gasol Twice Last Night

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The LA Clippers lost to the Lakers last night but that doesn't prevent me from posting these two insane dunks by one Blake Griffin. Here is the first dunk in which Griffin follows up a missed shot only to sky over Pau Gasol and throw it home emphatically. Watch the replay closely to see Gasol's face. Fucking priceless!

And then Griffin decided to do it again. This time he launches over Gasol and of course Gasol handles it like the bitch he is by complaining to the ref. Dude you got posterized twice! Take it like a man.

Videos via TheBigLead


Zach said...

Well, his elbow did hit above the shoulders in the second one, but both are crazy impressive. What might the dunk highlight reel at the end of his career look like? Someone needs to keep track of them. And shouldn't there be some kind of dunks in a season record in the NBA he might break?

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