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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sport Science Shows Why Michael Floyd Will Be A Top 10 Pick

We have seen Michael Floyd for the past 4 seasons under the bright lights of the Golden Dome perform like a freak on the gridiron. There is a reason why Floyd holds school records in catches, career 100 yard games, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns: he can't be stopped. We didn't need Sport Science to prove anything in regard to Floyd's playing ability but it does help solidify his standing as a top 10 pick.

One could make an argument for Justin Blackmon being the better receiver right now by the numbers he put up in the inflated Big 12 conference because he had a quarterback in Brandon Weeden who could throw precision passes against inferior defenses but honestly what kind of numbers do you think Floyd would have put up if he didn't have Tommy Rees throwing to him the past 2 seasons? 130 receptions per season? 1600 yards per season? I think it's fair to say that Michael Floyd will be the better receiver in the NFL and right now than Blackmon. He's 2-3 inches taller than Blackmon. He's faster than Blackmon (Floyd ran a 4.2 at the combine that Blackmon skipped). His vertical leap is better. He is stronger than Blackmon and he is bigger. So why is Blackmon a top 6 pick by most NFL draft pundits while Floyd is projected to go as low as 19?

I can't come up with an answer. What do you think?

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Zach said...

Well, you illustrated probably the biggest point already--because of Weeden and the OK State offense, we have seen more of Blackmon's full potential on display. Floyd might be a better physical specimen, but Blackmon has great eyes and body control. But, hey, either of them could pull a Crabtree and play half as well in the pros as they did in college.