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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Famous Jameis Winston Exceeds Lofty Expectations

All spring and summer I've been hearing constant talk from FSU fans about how "Godly" redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston was playing in practice.  Winston was in their eyes the next Charlie Ward yet better.  Granted I've heard some of the same stories about EJ Manuel and Chris Rix so I tempered my expectations.  Last night not only did Winston meet those expectations he speared them to the ground.

"Famous Jameis" completed 25-of-27 passes for 4 touchdowns and also ran for another vs Pitt in a primetime Monday night game on ESPN.  Winston literally looked like he was playing 7-on-7 with the precision and accuracy he was putting on his passes to his receivers.  Winston was simply unstoppable. He did look like Ward but better.  The FSU fans were right for once.  And it wasn't like he shredded some awful defense.  Pitt was a top 20 overall defense last season who returned 8 starters.

Jameis Winston is the real deal.  He looked like a senior last night.  Is he the Heisman frontrunner?  I wouldn't go that far but with Winston at QB I think this is the first legit Seminoles team to compete for a Natty in over a decade.  Winston is that great.

Mark your calendar for October 19th.  FSU travels to Clemson in a game that could essentially be an elimination game to get into the BCS Title game.  With Clemson's impressive win over Georgia it looks like they can compete for a title.  Granted we are still 6 weeks away from FSU vs Clemson but it looks like it will be an epic matchup that could not only determine who plays for the ACC Championship but also who is the Heisman frontrunner and who still has a shot at winning it all.


Anonymous said...

i was at that game and he is an incredible QB. i know Pitt is not the best team in the world but this kid was just amazing and played much like a veteran QB would. FSU is in good shape with Winston at the helm.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

I agree. Not sure how good the FSU defense is but with Winston at QB you have to think the Seminoles have a shot at a Natty.