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Monday, November 16, 2015

SportsCrack's Top 10 for Week 11

Please tell me you got the chance to sit on your ass for at least 12 hours on Saturday and watch the madness that is college football unfold.  It was glorious and with three weeks left in the regular season it's going to be an all out battle to secure a playoff spot.

Right now the seeding appears to be as followed. 
Playoff spots:
1. Clemson if they win out.
2. Alabama if they finish 12-1.
3. Ohio State if they win out.
4. Notre Dame if they finish 11-1.
5. Big 12 Champ left out unless Oklahoma State finishes undefeated.

With Stanford and Utah both losing the PAC 12 conference is officially eliminated from the playoffs.

1. Clemson
Clemson didn't play exceptionally well at Syracuse but at this point it doesn't matter.  They just need to win and they should get the #1 seed in the playoffs.  Winning out is hardly a guarantee with a scorching hot North Carolina team waiting for them in the ACC Championship.
2. Alabama
Bama is hitting their peak.  The defense especially the front 7 looks nasty as they completely destroyed Miss State on the road.
3. Ohio State
Did you know the Buckeyes haven't played a single game vs a top 25 team all season?  Insane.  This week they face their first in Michigan State.  I expect the Buckeyes to win rather easily vs an overrated Sparty team.
4. Notre Dame
It wasn't pretty on Senior Day for the Fighting Irish as ND "struggled" to win by 3 touchdowns vs a lousy Wake Forest team.  This week they travel to Fenway Park to take on Boston College.  They should cruise until the big game at Stanford.
5. Iowa
Like Ohio State the Hawkeyes are benefitting from a dog shit schedule.  Granted they beat Northwestern and Wisconsin who on paper are top 25 teams but it's not like those programs are world beaters.  
6. Oklahoma State
The Cowboys so far have to be the luckiest team in the country.  They came back 17 down vs an awful Iowa State team to win and stay undefeated.  Their out of conference schedule is holding them back from a top 4 stop at this spot.  They get Baylor and Oklahoma the next two weeks.  I see defeats in both as the law of averages catches up.
7. Oklahoma
The Sooners are playing great ball after going into Baylor and winning with an impressive performance from QB Baker Mayfield who may have vaunted himself into the Heisman discussion.  If the Sooners can beat TCU and Oklahoma State they are one upset (Clemson or ND losing) from cracking the top 4 of the playoffs.
8. Florida
The Gators are absolutely brutal to watch.  Just a boring fucking team but you know what isn't boring?  SEC East champs.  If they win out they are in the playoffs.
9. Baylor
The Bears played their asses off but just didn't have enough vs a loaded Oklahoma squad.  Baylor is basically eliminated unless about 5-6 things happen.
10. UNC
I don't think there is a hotter team in the country.  The Tarheels are putting up 50 plus points on the scoreboard with ease and will get their shot at Clemson in the ACC Championship.  Could UNC squeeze into the playoffs with a victory?  It's possible but they would still need ND to lose, the Big Ten and Big 12 to cancel each other out also.

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