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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Guy Who Never Played, Jonny Gomes, Gives Kansas City a World Series Rally Speech

I know Jonny Gomes is a "great clubhouse guy" but why is he giving speeches at the Royals World Series rally celebration?  Gomes never even played in the postseason.  The Royals basically cut him from the roster.  He's not even up there with the mascot in terms of relevancy to the Kansas City Royals.  I would rather see a season ticket holder up there crying his or her eyes out then see this fucking guy give speeches about the heart of the team.  You didn't win the World Series Gomes!  You played in 12, yes, 12 fucking games and accumulated a whooping 30 at-bats for them.  You are of less significance than the caterer or personal driver for Hosmer's road beef.  Go ride the coat tails a little more buddy.

By the way congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on winning their second World Series title.  Without Gomes it wouldn't have been possible.  What a guy!

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