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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Watch This ND-Temple ICON Video and You Will Get the Idea What it's Like To Be a ND "Student" Athlete

The "4 for 40" year decision Notre Dame coaches and staff throw out to recruits and their parents is not hyperbole.  This is what I try to tell my friends something that makes Notre Dame different and unique.  While other schools just want to win football games (I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that mentality) Notre Dame forces you to get better in the classroom.

Star QB Deshone Kizer is coming off a 440 yard performance in a tough road night game with everybody watching vs Temple.  He just won the game for ND and he has received the game ball for his MVP performance.  And what do you think he is worried about?  It's not the game or next week vs Pitt.  It's not where ND will be ranked by the committee (5th by the way).  It's about getting back to the ND dorms at 3:30 am and having to study for accounting.  That right there is a student athlete.

Kudos to Kizer for keeping his head on straight.

Go Irish!

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