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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski Avoids Congratulating Syracuse, Storms Off Without Shaking Hands

Duke, the defending champions, are in the proverbial shitter right now having lost 3 straight after last night's debacle in Cameron vs Syracuse.  But leave it to Duke and their classy head coach, you know the guy who has the all-time NCAA wins and goes by Coach K, to storm off like a petulant child who didn't get his lolly pop because he didn't get the Duke call at the end of the game.

Sorry Coach K you didn't get your patented Duke flop called at the buzzer from 50 feet from the basket.  Maybe next time you will teach your players how to play stout legal defense without resorting to flopping every time things don't go your way.  And to top it all off Coach K ignores the Syracuse basketball players in the traditional handshake line and goes looking for an official because he thought one of them stole his rat face cheese.

Someone check Coach K's diaper.  His gratitude, grace and sportsmanship are about as real as his hair color.

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