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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jordan Spieth's New Dallas Mansion Looks Decent

You may have heard Jordan Spieth had a pretty good year playing golf last year.  And by good I mean he won a couple of majors including the Masters and collected a cool $53 million in 2015.  

Think about that for a second.  He made over one million a week to play golf.  What a fucking country we live in!  

With his riches Jordan can now splurge on some luxuries such as this $8.5 million dollar mansion to go along with his other measly $2.3 million dollar pad he bought last year.  I think it's obvious the $2.3 mil pad is now strictly designated for his lady friends.  

But let's take a look at what $8.5 million will buy you in Dallas which so happens to be fellow golfer's Hunter Mahan's old house.  That's gotta be a weird conversation knowing Hunter has broken in every room of this house with strange before you could.

The place has a basketball court off the garage.

It's got it's own gym.

Hardwood floors throughout and I'm guessing it's not laminate.

Check out this fucking pool.  That right there sold me.  Who the fuck has an above ground pool this cool?

Nice little fire pit setup right outside the 12 car garage.

A great place to play ping pong while admiring some sports memorabilia.

Now that is what you call a chef's kitchen.  With $53 million I would have at least two chefs on call at all times.

I'm not much of a staircase guy but this one gives me a free flowing boner.

Living room where Jordan will spend 15 minutes maybe all year.

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