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Monday, April 11, 2016

Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan's Apple TV Commercial is a Slam Dunk

Usually I hate these type of commercials.  When the comedy between an athlete and an actor pitching a product seems forced it comes off as a complete Kobe Bryant in his retirment year airball.  But this Apple TV commercial with Michael B. Jordan was a vintage Kobe 81-point performance in his prime.  Just hitting everything from beyond the arc to the mid range jumper and on to the free throw line.  Kobe can't miss.  And if father time has anything to say about Kobe it's a mind fuck that his face still looks young but his game sure as hell doesn't because his body is a wreck.

By the way Jordan has to be the brightest young actor in the game right now right?  I just watched Creed last week and he nailed the role as Appolo's son.  He was incredible on television in two of my favorite shows The Wire and Friday Night Lights where he played characters who tugged on the heart strings.  Now Jordan should be getting some great roles in movies with the success of Creed.  I guess an Apple TV commercial with Kobe is just another step in the career arc of Jordan.  I think he's got the acting chops to pull off some Leonardo Dicaprio roles in the near future.

Back to Kobe.  Hard to believe his last game is this Wednesday.  He is the same age as me (yes I'm old as shit) and now he is hanging it up.  It seems like a blur to me (granted my college years, roaring 20's and now staggering 30's have flashed by quicker than Johnny Manziel's NFL career).  It just seems like yesterday that Kobe and Shaq were winning titles left and right in LA.  Now it's all over.  Kobe has to be a top 10 player of all-time.  He's not as good as the real Michael Jordan but he's not that far off.  He may be top 5.  Shit I don't follow the NBA as much as I used to but I still know Kobe in his prime was pretty much unstoppable.

Anyways farewell Kobe.  It's been a journey.  Enjoy retirement.  And please for the love of God stay out of Colorado.

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