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Monday, April 11, 2016

UCLA QB Josh Rosen Tees Off Wearing a Fuck Trump Hat

Interesting stance from UCLA QB Josh Rosen and no, I'm not talking about his golf stance.  I'm sure his coach Jim Mora Jr. is going to be thrilled to answer questions about this especially considering Mora is such a media friendly personality.  Now it's up to Donald Trump to fire back because we all know how thin skinned he is.  A "Make UCLA Great Again" doesn't work because UCLA has always sucked at football.  Maybe a "You know I've seen a lot of losers in my life but Josh Rosen might be the biggest" proclamation from Trump would suffice.  The shots have been fired.  Your call Donald.

P.S - Shit I just noticed this picture was taken on Trump's course.  So not only did Rosen or some UCLA booster dish out $200 for him to play golf but then he wears a classy "Fuck Trump" hat on the course.  This should help Rosen out immensely when entering the NFL draft in two years.
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