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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As you already know I have a little place in my toilet reserved every day for the current Florida Gators head football coach. Some call him Urban Meyer but I prefer to call him Urban Liar while I pretend to squeeze out a fresh Osi Umenyiora on his face. This guy has absolutely no morals when it comes to recruiting. Take for instance his recent recruiting loss of top rated CB Patrick Johnson to LSU. Instead of taking the loss in stride he went to the NCAA and ratted out the kid regarding the validity of his ACT scores...

Johnson said Florida, one of his top three choices (along with Florida State) before he settled on LSU, questioned his academic eligibility with the NCAA. ACT officials subsequently reviewed his test results and "flagged" the October score.

"I'm not upset," Johnson said. "Florida made an issue about the ACT score. They're cowards. They had to go behind my back. But that's OK. We play them this year (on Oct. 11 at Florida)."

So now Johnson might not be able to enroll till the summer at LSU because Florida questioned his ability to improve his ACT scores by 5 points. Meyer is a litte bitch who needs to learn that when you lose a recruit you deal with it by wishing the recruit well and not by Bogarting him once he decided he didn't want to play for you.

Wants some more shady Meyer tactics, well check out what he had to do in order to recruit JUCO WR Carl Moore...

In short, Meyer was recruiting junior college receiver Carl Moore, who attended Sierra Community College in Placerville, Calif., along with his girlfriend, Maranda Smith. Smith had competed for UCLA's gymnastics team in 2006, but quit after an injury.

Once Meyer realized he wasn't going to sign Moore without Smith attending Florida as well, he contacted Florida gymnastics coach Rhonda Faehn for help. She just happened to have a scholarship available. The couple are now Gators, with Smith scoring a 9.775 on the uneven bars in exhibition Friday.

So essentially Meyer broke another NCAA rule by recruiting an athlete for another sport, in this case qymnastics, in order to secure a commitment from Moore. Here is the rule in case you are interested.

Throw in this along with Meyer getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar during the BCS Championship and his blatant lie to Jevan Snead that Tim Tebow was being recruited to play linebacker and you have to wonder how a guy with his lack of morals and integrity could be counted on as a leader of young men in the college game. The guy also loves to throw his players under the bus because he can't stand up and take a loss upon his shoulders.

He sounds like a shady used car saleman. Somewhere Arthur Blank is plotting a way to get Urban to coach his Falcons.

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