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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Reggie Bush was recently spotted at the Sundance Film Festival with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, otherwise known to the free world as "The Big Ass Sex Video Whore." No, not Paris Hilton. Think of Kim K. as the brunette version of Hilton. Anways, Bush had some interesting things to say to SI's Arash Markazi:

"Getting free stuff is the best," said Bush, who wasn't allowed to address the allegations against him at a party he hosted Sunday during the Sundance Film Festival. "Getting free stuff is the greatest. They have a lot of great stuff here like watches and jewelry. I can't believe you just walk in there and they're giving it away for free. It's crazy. I Iove it."

Hmmm, you would think Bush was used to getting free things while at USC. He and his family managed to receive almost $300,000 worth of "free stuff" while the NCAA and USC had their heads buried in the beautiful Southern Cal beaches looking for O.J.'s missing glove. Listen, I just finished reading Tarnished Heisman today and found out some very interesting things about Bush. First off he managed to get himself in a horrible situation by accepting money and gifts from a convicted felon while playing tailback at USC. The felon's name is Lloyd Lake who apparently wanted to start a legitimate sports agency with Bush as his partner and lead client. Lake and his business partner Michael Michaels gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in free rent, plane tickets, meals, cars, electronics, furniture, etc to Bush and his family(mom, stepfather, and brother) with the assurance Bush would be signing with their projected business known as New Era. I can save you the read and tell you that Bush and his family fucked them over by signing with agent Michael Ornstein who also allegedly was giving a lot of money to the Bush family at the time.

Bush was playing the field so to speak by using people and their trust in him in order to get materialistic possessions and trips. Bush is by all regards a street hustler. He knows how to work sides in order to get what is best for him and his family. He basically is a Scott Boras wannabe with the incredible exception of owning a huge amount of athletic talent that is rare to see even these days. I'm obviously not a fan of USC but I have always had a respect for Bush and his amazing ability to change the game whenever he touches the pigskin. But after reading "Tarnished Heisman" I have lost all respect for him as a person. He extorted a lot of money while playing college football and then thought he could get away with it by not paying back the money he took. What even further amazes me is the fact that Pete Carroll and his coaching staff knew nothing of his improprieties. One of their biggest stars at the time with Matt Leinart and yet they knew nothing they claim.

The NCAA is investigating the matter as I write and I believe the evidence to bust USC and Bush is hidden deep inside Kardashian's huge dirty ass. Either that or a couple of diamond encrusted watches with some Ray J spackle holding it in.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what Bush "spackle" looks like? Probably is green with gold sprinkles.