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Thursday, January 31, 2008


“I just got a good vibe about Coach Petrino from the start: He is straight up and honest about everything,” Ford said.

Okay, I know, try not to laugh but this is a direct quote from a high school football recruit named Elton Ford regarding former Atlanta Falcon's coach and current Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino. "Honest" and "straight up" would not be the first adjectives I would use to describe Petrino but apparently the sly piece of horse dung can still recruit and convince 17 and 18 year olds to come play with him. Ford recently switched his commitment from NC State to Arkansas after Petrino came to talk to him and another Chattahoochee High School(Alpharetta, GA) teammate named Justin Smith this past week.

In fact Petrino is so unbelievably good at deviating words to people he even got Ford's current coach Terry Crowder to believe and fellate his lies...
“My impression of [Petrino] was very high. I was just really impressed with how honest he was with the kids,” Chattahoochee coach Terry Crowder said. “I would have to say he is now one of my favorite head coaches I’ve ever met. I just can’t say enough good things.”

I guess some people will never learn. It's one thing to be an ignorant 18 year old who just wants a football scholarship and can't judge people by their actions but it's a whole other level when an adult coach can't see Petrino through his BS. This would explain why Georgia as a state continually struggles to finish out of the cellar when it comes to national SAT scores. I hope he has fun in Arkansas and learns a lot from Petrino during his two years in Fayetteville.

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Anonymous said...

georgia as a state generally struggles with sat score rankings because as a state there is a higher percentage of kids taking the test than a lot of east bumblefuck states like wyoming, idaho, montana, the dakotas, etc. (among others)

you have a higher percentage of people (a less selective group, obviously) taking the test, your scores are going to go down