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Friday, August 13, 2010

As if the news of not calling up Freeman didn't suck enough...

News flash, Wren and Cox are calling up Brandon Hicks who is hitting a whopping .215 (full stats here on from Gwinnett. Wow... Amazing the Braves are conceding to Philadelphia despite having a rotation that can contend with anyone and a team that has that something special all major league teams dream about, CHEMISTRY.

Well good luck Mr. Hicks. I've officially jumped off the Frank Wren train. Dealing the cancer that was Yunel Escobar was brilliant, not calling up your best player who's shown he's ready is completely ridiculous. If Mark Cuban is so intent on owning a pro baseball team, let him buy Atlanta from Liberty Media. Maybe then we'd have a team like Turner put together, we'll spend money on players, and we'll take chances on our prospects who have proven themselves.

Wait... prospects?!?! Yes... we would actually HAVE pro-ready prospects! Am I the only one who remembers when the Braves stocked the best farm system in the league year after year after year? Who's seat just got hotter, Mark Richt or Frank Wren? My vote?!?! See ya Frankie boy. Good luck with the Marlins or the Nationals. Okay, not quite time for him to go yet, but wake up before your job really is on the line. Check out the Dave O'Brien blog on the AJC website here.

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