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Friday, August 13, 2010

UGA Number 3?

As an admitted complete and total biased Alumn, UGA rocks my world, but ranked #3? Come on, I get that #64 is just a teeny bit of a stretch (as ranked by the Orlando Sentinel), but # 3?!?!? That's almost as far of a stretch the other way. College Football news, as reported by Tim Tucker of the AJC, recently ranked UGA #3 in the nation. That's right folks, the nation, not the SEC East, not the SEC, not in the greater south area, the NATION. This puts UGA ahead of Florida, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas, just to name a few. You can find the complete rankings here.

I love my Dawgs, but realistically, they haven't put together a season worthy of a #3 ranking since destroying Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl a few years ago. Will I argue that UGA is completely capable of making a National Title run this year, YES, but with so many question marks, a pre-season #3 is a bit much to ask and a lot to live up to. Maybe CFN wants to see UGA fail and is putting them on a pedestal to live up to, maybe for once there is an un-biased writer who actually gives Georgia some credit, but #3 is way too high.

How will Murray live up to the hype? If we look at Miami's, I mean Purdue's Robert Marve, the Plant QB before Murray, and the 4 star Philip Ely (who recently committed to Alabama), Plant has a history of producing some very talented athletes. I believe Murray has all the skills to be an elite QB and with 10 returning starters to the offense and two great running backs, who should rush for 1,000 a piece at least, the offense is going to be very good.

Todd Grantham was mentored by some of the best in the business and was successful in the NFL so it's safe to assume he'll be successful in college, but this is a different game. Do the Dawgs have the talent to flash the defense before? I don't think I need to answer that one. Will they live up to their potential is the question that has to be answered and it will be, in less than 23 days.

To overlook UGA in the Top 25 is insane, it has been for a decade, but to rank them as high as #3 with the worst season under Richt last year is equally awful. I can only hope my beloved Dawgs live up to something so lofty and setting stretch goals never hurt anyone, but as I said with Strasburg, let your actions speak and prove yourself. While UGA is on the right track to doing that, they haven't proven that yet. Of course, I'd be willing to bet that Bacarri Rambo and Jakar Hamilton will have something to say about making people not want to get up after a hit. I can't wait to see Justin Houston explode and the crowd echo as they did when Odell Thurman, Thomas Davis, or Greg Blue lit someone up, but let the boys do that before we give them the praise.

Sorry to divert, but if you live in GA and have to deal with texting while driving being illegal, can anyone explain how putting on make up and driving is any less dangerous? I wanted to take a picture this morning, but then what right would I have to say don't do that while driving as I snap a pic while passing the chick.

Anyway, less than a month till the best season of the year and I don't mean Fall nor the NFL. Who watches the pros anyway? Let's get ramped up for some college football! GOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! And shamelessly I have to plug the play offs for Matty Ice and myself this weekend... GEAUX DADDIES!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Matt Fairchild ( said...

"two great running backs" - I'm confused. We aren't talking about the Carolina Panthers are we? Or maybe you meant to say the Auburn team of 2004? For a second there I thought you were talking about Georgia. My bad. It's the drugs and women. They confuse me.

McPeters said...

hahah... King and Ealey... write it down... bank on it! 2,000 yards at a minimum, a full 1,000 from each!