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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What?!?!? No Freeman?!?! Possible Trade?!?!?

You've got to be kidding me Frank Wren! This is insane, and I quote "Another option isn't likely: Wren dismissed the idea of calling up slugging first baseman Freddy Freeman from Triple-A and moving Troy Glaus back to third base, his original position. He said Glaus just doesn't have the range he did earlier in his career." Okay, agreed, Glaus obviously is not the answer.

Even with Chipper, Freeman is tearing up the minors! In the same article posted on ESPN, Wren talks about losing the power of Chipper and says "Wren will look into making a trade to bolster the lineup, but his options are limited since the deadline for non-waiver moves has passed. Besides, he's not sure the Braves could find a player more effective than Infante, who made the All-Star team as a utility player and is hitting a team-leading .330. Another All-Star, second baseman Martin Prado, is expected to take batting practice Friday and could return from the disabled list soon after breaking a knuckle."

Wren has yet to shy away calling players up too early. Look at the situation with Jordan Schafer. Mike Minor tore AAA up for a couple months and he's in the rotation, Wren didn't check out a trade to replace Medlen, but Freeman has been in Gwinnett absolutely raking and he doesn't get a chance?!?!? Come on Wren, don't spend foolish money, call the kid up and let him and Heyward go back to tearing shit up, because that's what they do, tear shit up!!! Check out the full article on Chipper's torn ACL in an article on ESPN, written by the Associated Press here.

Gotta keep ole Larry in our thoughts and prayers and hope he comes back to at least mentor our young Bravos! He's been one of the greats and he deserves every honor he gets. Maybe he could help the team this year by telling Wren to grab his balls and make the call. If Freeman is our future at first, there's no need in not putting him in now and getting his feet wet before playoff time.


Matt Fairchild ( said...

Wren and the Braves organization as a whole are sloppy seconds if they don't bring up Freeman. Now.

McPeters said...

WAIT our savior arrives! Brandon Hicks who is hitting .215 in 75 games in AAA is on the way! Thank you Frank Wren! Thank you!

McPeters said...

My bad... .216 oops... regardless Strasburg better look out!!! New kid in town! and he's hitting .216... wait... Strasburg has an ERA, not a batting average. Yeah, I guess go Braves?!?! Eh...