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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Holy shit. Did Katy Perry perform this? Congratulations on the "I've watched all the games since 1995" comment. Could you be a little more fair weather? Yankees fans are just pathetic. They talk like they have a mouth full of peanut butter and walk like they just popped a hemorrhoid. Their lives are so fucking sad they have to cling on to something that actually wins in life. You don't see these douchebags wearing Knicks apparel. But then again if the Knicks had gotten the Big 3 this offseason you would have seen all those degenerates claiming they have watched all the games since 2010 once they actually won something.

Plus New York just fucking smells. I know a lot of SportsCrack heads on here are from New York and I am probably pissing them off but honestly I don't give a fuck. Your city stinks. It smells like wet cat shit. Now take your jorts and get your ass down to Florida before you go dying on us.


Matt (a ticked off Bravos/O's fan)

Video via BarStoolSports


Patrick said...

Matt, Atlanta stinks too. let's be honest.

robtodd2 said...

C'mon, dude. I'm from Jersey and have been watching the Yankees since the mid 80's (don't remember quite when, but I was 6-8). Back then the only players we had worth a shit were Mattingly, Tartabul, & Jimmy Key. Besides, I know plenty of Fair-Weather Braves fans, too. I have a grandmother who was a die-hard Mets fan in the late 80's, then all of the sudden, she is this die-hard Braves fan, because they live in Florida half the year (oh yeah, and the Braves started winning and the Mets signed Mo Vaughn & Bobby Bonilla, nuff said). And honestly, when I was in Atlanta, I didn't see too many Hawks Jerseys either (I'm not an NBA fan, but I do root for the shitty Nets).

Alls I'm saying is that, I'm not a douchbag, and can't stand fair-weather Yankees fans either. And not all of New York smells like cat shit, just China Town.

As always, Go Irish!

McPeters said...

Okkkkkkk... look... this guy just wants his 15 seconds of fame like William Hung on American Idol, but worse... Nothing against the Yankees, but stop buying championships. Nough Said...

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Patrick-Atlanta smells like peaches. And vomit.
Robtodd2-you forgot Rickey Henderson and Dave Winfield. And yes Atlanta has fair weather fans. A whole city of them actually. But it still doesn't discount all the New Yorkers/Jersey people who choose to either root for the Giants or the Jets (depending on who's better), the Yankees or the Mets (Mets blow), the Rangers/Islanders/Devils, or the Nets and the Knicks. Pick a team and stick with them. that's all I'm saying.