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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Shit, I must have been fucking dreaming during this part. This is why you have to go see Inception at least twice. There is shit Christopher Nolan put in that you somehow missed because you were staring at Leonardo's package. I mean his hair. He does have lovely hair. Right guys? Oh don't get all fucking uptight on me now. Oh and in case you were wondering and I'm sure you could care less I fucking loved "Inception." This time I managed to watch the whole movie without being rushed to the emergency room.

Watching tons of fun getting hit by the ice cream truck never gets old. Never.


McPeters said...

That was amazing... I mean amazing... really... don't know what's better, the guy getting hit or the immediate shadow which looks like the camera man may be holding a bat to hit him again... haha... I bet that guy was a yankee's fan too!

Matt Fairchild ( said...

He did kind of look like he had peanut butter in his mouth.