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Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's a good thing the Atlanta Braves have a deep bench because the shit just hit the fan today. Chipper Jones has confirmed he has a torn ACL and will probably need season ending surgery according to Dave O'Brien...

An MRI showed Chipper Jones has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, his agent BB Abbott said Thursday morning. Abbott said he received a text message from Jones, saying the ligament was torn. Jones had been examined by Dr. Marvin Royster, Braves orthopedist who read the MRI.

“He said it was stretched out pretty bad,” Abbott said. “That it was torn and needed to be fixed.”

Abbott said that it appears Jones is headed for season-ending surgery, but that Jones might seek a second opinion. It’s the same knee Jones had surgery on in 1994 which cost him his rookie season.

Jones injured his knee Tuesday night in Houston, jumping as he turned to throw across his body on a groundball up the line by Hunter Pence.

Yes this sucks for the Braves but it's not a season crusher. I love Chipper as much as the next Hooter's waitress but he can be replaced in the lineup. First off you call up Freddie Freeman immediately. Freeman has been tearing it up in AAA Gwinnett and deserves the call up. I know he is young (only 20) but the kid is ready. Give him the chance to start some games at first base and let Troy Glaus and his cavemen knees rest. When Martin Prado comes off the disabled list move Omar Infante to third base and keep him there. I like Brooks Conrad(need his clutch bat for PH situations) too but I like Infante a lot better. The guy is an All-Star after all right? The infield moving forward should be Freeman 1B, Prado 2B, Alex Gonzalez SS, and Infante at 3B.

Losing Chipper in what still looks like a promising season is horrible but the Braves can weather the storm. As much as Chipper means to the organization as the face it would have been much more devastating if they would have lost Huddy or Brian McCann or even Rookie of the Year candidate (yes I said it, he has been more valuable than Heyward) Johnny Venters. This could be the last season for Chipper as some have speculated and if it is well at least he can be their #1 cheerleader and audition for a possible coaching job in the Braves organization.

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