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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


If you watched Hard Knocks this year you should be familiar with Division III runningback/white midget Danny Woodhead. Woodhead was a coaches favorite of Rex Ryan and his staff while in camp with the New York Jets. Unfortunately for the Jets they had roster cuts and with Tomlinson and Shonn Greene getting the majority of the snaps in the backfield there wasn't enough room to keep Woodhead. So he was cut. And the mastermind that is New England's Bill Belichick picked his ass up quickly. He already had one short white guy in Wes Welker crushing it up in Foxsboro so he figured why not give another little poor Caucasian a chance. After New England beat the shit out of the Jets on Monday night 45-3 it is clear as day: little white athletic guys win games. It's time to stop the stereotypes NFL. White guys are athletes too.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

hey dude get it right

woodhead played D2 ball not Div III

thats a HUGE difference!!!!!!