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Thursday, December 02, 2010


Since I completely missed the "Lebron's return to a franchise he carried for 7 seasons on his back" game including the all important pregame introduction I figured I would give you the chance to see the "electricity" of Cleveland. I honestly had no idea people cared this much about the NBA before tonight. This is in fucking Cleveland. Holy shit! Imagine if Dunkin Donuts left in the middle of the night like the Mayflower trucks in Baltimore. There would be looting, rioting, and pillaging in the streets right now. Drew Carey would shit in his pants.

I'm kind of disappointed. It's not like I was openly rooting for a Monica Seles moment but I wouldn't have minded one deranged fan getting tasered at center court. Give me something Cleveland. I guess they only do that kind of shit in Philadelphia. Oh well. This will probably be my one and only Cleveland post in the next 10 years. Thank god.

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