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Thursday, December 02, 2010


If you haven't heard Lebron Benedict Arnold James returns to Cleveland tonight with his barely .500 Miami Heat squad. It's the first time since Albert Belle returned with the White Sox that a player who was once revered by the home team is now clearly public enemy #1 in Cleveland. It should be interesting. Not really. It's regular season NBA action. It's about as relevant as Derek Jeter's Gold Gloves. Anyways here are some odds on his return in case you are interested in losing some money since investing in good old fashion hooker spit has been paying off for you lately.

These odds come via

LeBron James Total Points vs. Cleveland: Over/Under 26.5
Will LeBron James have a physical altercation with a fan? Yes 30/1
Will LeBron James do his pregame chalk ritual: Yes 1/50
Matt Fairchild will actually watch any part of the game other than the pregame introductions: 1 billion/1

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