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Monday, December 13, 2010

Legends and Leaders... LOLOL

The Big Ten's new logo (apparently)

I'm rolling on the floor. Excuse my SEC elitism, but really?!?!? The Big Ten can't even count the number of teams in the conference before the shake up, now they are splitting into two divisions and naming them "Legends" and "Leaders"? How about "Has Beens" and "Have Nots".

There has never been a conference more underachieving than the Big Ten. With names like Ohio
State, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State, you would think you'd be staring at powerhouse after powerhouse. Reality is that the rest of the nation looks at the Big Ten like a fun house. Let's face it, Joe Paterno is old, there's no other way to describe him, he's a figure head, Jim Tressell's nickname is "The Vest". Really?!?! What kind of Stan Lee character would "The Vest" be? I can only imagine an old guy in a Mr. Rogers sweater vest killing the world with kindness. Rich Rodriguez is no "Leader", much less a "Legend", unless you look at his epic fall from grace since being the "feel good" WVU coach who learned how to win. Little did we know, that too was all a scam.

The Big Ten hasn't been relevant in years. Some of you may argue that Ohio State is a powerhouse, but Ohio State plays a lower strength of schedule than Boise State who they were criticizing. Let's be realistic sports fans, the Big Ten is no longer Big and hasn't been Ten in years. Who's go two thumbs and still can't figure out why in the hell the Big Ten is still going to be called the Big Ten?!?!? THIS GUY!

Before I get too much backlash from the Big Ten fans of the world, please, go win a real game. Stop bragging about Ohio State never losing a game to a team from the state of Ohio. Seriously, the rest of the planet is over it.

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