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Thursday, January 27, 2011


What is the world coming to when Notre Dame is stealing recruits from FSU? Florida high school kids no less!

The hot rumor going around the forums lately is current FSU early enrollee offensive tackle Jordan Prestwood (committed to ND before signing with FSU) is not happy in Tallahassee and is looking to transfer to Notre Dame in the summer. Prestwood and Notre Dame defensive end Aaron Lynch are good friends and went on the same paths during their recruiting trips. Both committed to Notre Dame last summer only to decommit in October. Both took a couple of days before deciding to go to FSU. As we all know Lynch switched back to Notre Dame right after the US Army All-American Game after he felt he was lied to by FSU coaches. If Prestwood does transfer to Notre Dame he would have to sit out a year due to NCAA regulations regarding transfers.

Another college football story going around is USC Trojan WR Brice Butler is looking to transfer. Butler was a 4 star recruit coming out of Georgia who has never blossomed into the star he was made out to be. Since USC is on probation Butler can transfer and not have to sit out a year. It's looking like Georgia or FSU could get Butler. The Bulldogs could use Butler immediately with the departure of AJ Green to the draft.


Anonymous said...

I know ND does not accept JUCO kids, but I was always under the impression they did not accept transfers as well. I cannot think of any transfers currently on the team... True???

Matt Fairchild ( said...

They do accept transfers. It's rare though. The last one I can remember is Thomas Bemenderfer.

Anonymous said...

I just read where Paul Johnson pulled a scholarship offer from a kid taking a visit to FSU. Don't you think these kids commit early just to guarentee themselves a scholarship to a good school. As long as coaches can pull offers and over-sign (which initiates cutting kids), kids are going to commit and decommit. If there is no commitment from the university's side, why should there be commitment from the player?

Anonymous said...

TE Bobby Burger was a transer from Dayton.

Anonymous said...

I just read Eric Hansen's chat and said that it's not that JUCO aren't allowed to be accepted, but their academics don't really line up with ND's. So actually getting accepted is possible, but unlikely. Also, BK is looking long term development, not 2 years and done guys.

I knew Bobby Burger was a Cincinnati kid, but did not know he transferred from UD. Did he transfer early in his career?

Phil said...

Faust-era fullback Larry Moriarty was a transfer.