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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sterling Bailey embodies what we strive for...

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With all the negative comments on recruiting and recent problems of kids getting arrested, I have to repost this. Thanks to mountaindewman over on's UGA fan boards for sharing this email. As if Sterling Bailey wasn't enough of a beast on the field, he is truly a man among boys off of the field. I'm already proud of this future Dawg!

I don't get into the recruiting fray too much, but I did receive an email forwarded to me about Sterling Bailey. The email is from the Rabun County girls basketball coach to the FCA director at East Hall, which is Sterling Bailey's high school.

Just wanted my fellow dawg posters to see what kind of young man we're getting in Sterling Bailey.


Just wanted to share with you an event that took place Friday night in Rabun County. East Hall and Rabun County were locked in a region battle when something unbelievable happened. A Rabun County player was seriously injured when he landed awkwardly. It quickly became apparent that he had suffered a compound leg fracture. As his family gathered around him, so did his coaching staff as well as East Hall Coach Joe Dix. Several minutes went by as they waited for the paramedics to arrive. As the player grew restless and time seemed to creep by, Sterling Bailey, an East Hall basketball player, walked over and asked the family if he could pray for the injured player. As he knelt down to pray, both teams came together to surround the player and his family. As the crowd began to see what was happening, the packed gym fell silent. You could seriously hear a pin drop. Sterling led hundreds in a prayer that could be heard from anywhere in that huge gym. Even the paramedics, who arrived at the beginning of the prayer, stopped in their tracks and joined in. When he finished praying, the entire gym closed it out with a resounding AMEN followed by an ovation that would make you think someone had hit a game winning shot. The injured player's family embraced Sterling and thanked him for his wonderful and Godly gesture. I had the honor of witnessing this amazing event and will never forget it. I am overjoyed to see our athletes doing exactly what God calls them to do.

I shared this with some of our deacon ministers this morning. One was actually David Baston and he said I needed to share this with you so could share with the rest of the FCA leadership. Blessings!

Gary Gaddy

East Hall Girls Basketball

Jeremiah 29:11

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