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Monday, June 20, 2011

Auburn Got Not One, Not Two, But Three Championship Rings

Yesterday Auburn football players started tweeting out pictures of their brand new championship rings. And in case you were wondering if Auburn was going to keep their BCS Championship kind of low key with all the controversy surrounding Cam Newton well then you don't know shit about the SEC. It's all about the bling!

Kegs N Eggs points out the players received a SEC Championship ring, a BCS Championship ring (which apparently uses the Lombardi Trophy instead of the Sears), and a NCAA Championship ring. I'm not going to lie. All 3 of those rings look sweet. And in case you are wondering they are not real diamonds like the Super Bowl rings. The max value that the NCAA allows per ring is less than a $500 while the NFL rings are worth well over $5000.

Now the question is which ring will appear on Ebay first and by what player? I'm going to go with the SEC Championship ring.

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