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Monday, June 20, 2011

PTI's Michael Wilbon Napping at the Cubs Game

This is why you go to ESPN for your sports fix. It's because they have on-air talents like Mike Wilbon who are so enthralled with the games they cover that their expertise is regurgitated by the masses who can't think for themselves. According to BustedCoverage Wilbon was taking his son to his first Cubs game vs. the Yankees this weekend. Now granted baseball isn't the most exciting game to watch but you would think a professional like Wilbon who is paid for his opinion on sports could manage to keep his eyes open for his son's first Wrigley experience.

Not so much.

We ain't mad at ya Wilbon. We know you were shotgunning beers with the Bleacher Bums before the game started. It's the only thing exciting about being a Cubs fan. Old Style me bitch!

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