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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Brian Kelly's Pre Game Speech Versus Michigan Will Be Just Like This

Brian Kelly should never....I repeat NEVER....apologize for yelling and cursing at his team. Did you guys not fucking see how poorly they were playing? Notre Dame literally Bucknered the 1st half against an inferior South Florida squad. Now all week I've been reading and listening to a bunch of pussies bitch and moan saying Kelly is being too tough on his players. Blah Blah they are kids. What the fuck ever! Players like Dayne Crist, Theo Riddick, and TJ Jones are lucky to be alive after that craptacular performance. If you saw how cherry Kelly's face was well then imagine mine in the first half.

This is football people. We are not watching golf or tennis. It's about passion and focus and the drive to beat the shit out of the other team. And apparently Kelly needs to apologize for it? Bull shit. This week Notre Dame is going to fuck Michigan in their sister's cunt because Kelly doesn't put up with garbage. He's too good for it and Notre Dame is way better than that whore up in Ann Arbor.

In conclusion I've almost fully recovered from losing my best friend last week and am ready to move on. Notre Dame and Brian Kelly can help alleviate my recovery by going out and dominating Michigan in THE BIG HOUSE. I expect it and demand it. Go Irish!

By the way last week's Curb Your Enthusiasm Mister Softee was the best episode ever. Thank you Larry David for making tears of laughter come out of this sad asshole.


Zachary said...

As a WVU alum, I can say from Big East experience that Brian Kelly is a prick and I think that his players play dirty. I don't see him and Notre Dame meshing; they expect a coach of a higher caliber when it comes to personality. When their relationship goes belly-up, they'll bring in Skip Holtz. They were just waiting for him to prove himself at a school in an AQ conference.

Agness mumbi said...

He is an American football coach and former player. Kelly was born in Everett, Massachusetts, and was raised in an Irish American Catholic family in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Matt Fairchild ( said...

Prick is translation for beating the bag out of the Mountaineers right Zach?

Zachary said...

Beating the bag? Have you looked at the scores of the games while he coached at Cincy? One win was in overtime, even.