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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Vinnie Verno Week 2 College Football Picks

Vinnie Verno makes picks and you make money. Remember that. Except for last week he was 2-3. What the fuck was up with that Vinnie? Sandbagging asshole. Anywho I got confidence Vinnie rebounds and goes 4-1 this week. It just seems right. Plus you shouldn't bet the 1st week unless you like losing money and/or have a gambling addiction and like smoking cock.

By the way if you want more Chris Vernon go listen to his sports talk radio show in Memphis. You will laugh. Probably cry. And masturbate to his picks. It's the circle of life. Or circle jerk. I don't know I get easily confused these days.

Just a disclaimer these are not my own personal picks. I'll have those up later today with tonight's big games.

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