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Monday, August 13, 2007

Who is the most exciting player in college football? In the PAC-10 we have the elusive, down right scary wide receiver/kick returner in Desean Jackson. Not only does "D-Jax" scare the piss out of opposing defenders but he also can take over a game anytime he gets the ball in his hands.

On the other hand you have "D-Mac" out of the SEC. He is hands down the best runningback in the nation and can score whether running, receiving, or even passing the ball. Arkansas maybe full of psychos let by a Nutt, but they know their team will only go as far as McFadden leads them this season.

Honestly I don't know who is the more exciting player. I'll stay up late to watch Cal games because you know you are going to get at least 3-4 highlight type plays from Desean. The same can be said for Arkansas games with McFadden.

I'm going to leave it up to you. You watch the videos and you be the judge.
Who ever leaves the most compelling argument for their candidate in the comments section will get a free Sportscrack Tee of their choice.

Desean "D-Jax" Jackson highlights:

Darren "D-Mac" McFadden highlights:

Let the voting begin!

As an Oriole's fan I haven't had much to cheer about in the last decade but this past weekend helped. Not only did my Orioles come back and take the series from the Red Sox, but they did it in dramatic fashion twice off the once indestructible Sox bullpen. Of course we all know the Orioles have no shot of making the playoffs, but all O's fans want is a little hope. Yesterday we got it thanks to another awful appearance by Eric Gagne(great move there Theo).

Take it away Kevin Millar...