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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I give you this glorious video of further proof that Lindsay Lohan is a dumb Hollywood slut. Sorry, working actress as they preferred to be called. She proves to the world her ability to sound as dumb as she looks while talking to some attractive girl named Maria Menopausal...

Lindsay is such an inspiration for all the young girls out there who want to do coke, blow guys, then decide they would rather do chicks for a while and talk about how inspired she was when the "colored" one was voted as our President.



The Baltimore Orioles today reveiled their new road jerseys with the actual "Baltimore" script on the front. This is significant because they haven't had "Baltimore" on the front of their jerseys since the early 1970's. They dumped "Baltimore" in favor of "Orioles" when the Washington Senators moved so they could represent more of the region of Maryland and Virginia/DC. But now that the Washington Nationals exist(loose term for they suck) we now get to see a star player like Nick Markakis wear the new Baltimore jersey.

I like it and I think I will buy one this weekend when I visit for the Notre Dame/Navy debacle at Raven's Stadium. Hopefully the Orioles will open up their checkbooks this offseason and sign some free agents starting tomorrow. The big catch of course would be lifelong Orioles fan and Severna Park native Mark Teixeria. He would look great in an O's jersey batting between Markakis and future star Matt Wieters. Just throwing that out there for owner Peter Angelos. Get it done in other words.

And if you noticed in the picture above there is no Gold Glove next to Markakis. It's a crying shame because Nick led all outfielders in assists and makes Gold Glove plays consistently in right field but the voters love to give the award to just center fielders typically. These are the same jackoffs who didn't award Cal Ripken a Gold Glove the year he only committed 3 fucking errors the whole season at shortstop, a Major League record. Instead they awarded it to that tool Ozzie Guillen. I still despise Guillen for it.


This ridiculously late hit on the quarterback comes courtesy of Houston's defensive end Phillip Hunt this past Saturday against Tulane. Obviously the hit was intentional in every way although Hunt claims he never heard the whistle. Hunt can use the O.J. defense all he wants but we all know he hit Tulane's QB Joe Kemp long after everybody stopped playing. Not only was the hit malicious but it broke Kemp's collarbone and he now needs a plate inserted to stabilize the two fractures.

Of course somehow the Conference USA officiating crew didn't eject Hunt for the late hit and all he got was a 15 personal foul penalty. And now Conference USA officials are indicating no further discipline needs to be brought against Hunt for the malicious hit. When did college football turn into gladiators? Hopefully shit like this doesn't start popping up everywhere now when defensive players know they can get away with late hits and claim they didn't hear the whistle blown. The NCAA needs to insert a Phillip Hunt rule which would prevent QB's and other players from getting their head knocked off for late hits.

Video HT: FanIQ


Via comes this hilarious, and yes I will admit it despite being a Notre Dame homer myself, video of Charlie Weis addressing where his team is headed...

And just to be clear with myself and the few drunk readers out there who actually pay attention to this blog...I think any blog that pays tribute to Mike Tirico is either a
A)closet pedophile
B)open pedophile or
C)prefers bestiality to actual women.

More than likely all of the above.