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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have no more confidential information on the Chipper Jones divorce so stop asking. Enjoy these!


According to an Atlanta Braves insider Chipper Jones aka Larry is headed for a divorce with his second wife Sharon Logonov (pictured above and not the Hooters waitress you were thinking of).

Chipper is in the final year of his contract and unfortunately his career too. The future Hall-of-Famer met his soon to be ex Sharon at a bar in Orlando just a couple of month after separating from his first wife, Karin. This was just a few months after Chipper got busted with having a son out of wedlock named Matthew (damn, I'm not the same one) whom he had an affair with an absolutely gorgeous Hooters waitress (she had 3 front teeth).

Chipper and his wife Sharon separate with three sons consummated (Larry Wayne III (Trey), Tristen (obviously a Legends of the Falls fan), and Shea (yep, world famous New York ballpark)) to run amok in the wild. Prayers go out to Chipper(Larry) and his family.

Not a huge country fan, but Tanner Strickland is rocking out!

I don't care what anyone says, Tanner Strickland might be my new hero. The ex-UGA lineman is a pretty good guitar player and let's be honest, Athens is amazing. Check out TStrick54 channel on YouTube for more of Tanner's thoughts and videos. He's a good guy and a DGD!


Don't act like you haven't been watching this shit either. This crazy broad named Michelle Money who has been competing for the Bachelor's Brad Womack's junk had an affair with current Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer while he was still married. According to TheBigLead Boozer and Michelle met back in Salt Lake City when Boozer was playing for the Jazz. She told Life & Style Magazine: “Yes, I was in a relationship with Carlos while he was still married. What I did was wrong!”

Boozer has since gotten a divorce from his wife and Michelle is the crazy lady who has told the nation she will be the girl for Brad Womack. In other words she is a hunter. I know what you are thinking right? Fucking Hot! But before you think that you have to visualize what exactly Boozer looks like. He's not exactly attractive in a traditional way.

Here is a recent scene where her and Womack get their panties wet repelling down a skyscraper. Typical first date.


I mean what are the chances this asshole does it again? Probably a million-to-one odds. I didn't even realize there were miniature putt-putt courses around anymore. I wonder if these guys were playing a beer a hole with their ghost shots? If so it would make the shot even more impressive. The back 9 can get a little hazy when you pass out with piss all over yourself. Not that that has ever happened to me. Don't listen to my sponsor. He's a fucking dick.