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Friday, September 17, 2010

Way to blow another one NCAA...

Image courtesy of John Bazemore - AP
I guess we won't be seeing any of this at noon on Saturday.

Here's a link to Tim Tucker's UGA Beat Blog on the AJC regarding the NCAA rejecting UGA's appeal of A.J. Green's case. The phrase "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire" has never applied so much in my life. Well maybe that statement is completely true but still, anyone who can honestly say the NCAA is fair and is there to "protect student athletes" can honestly kiss my @$$. Yeah, I said it, the NCAA sucks. Marcel Dareus of Alabama gets two games for $1,800 in benefits, A.J. Green of Georgia gets 4 games for selling personal property for $1,000, then donating that $1,000 to charity BEFORE an NCAA penalty is even talked about.

Enough said...

Someone is arrested and it's not a UGA player! Score!!! and McPeters' week 3 picks

What a mug shot eh?!? Looks like Chris Rainey and Mel Gibson should have a conversation to see who's death threats are scarier. More on Rainey and Florida's chances in Knoxville later.

It's too late for Thursday night game again, darn. Overall record on the season is a modest 7 – 4. Admittedly, my disdain of the Big Ten got the best of me last week. I guess that’s what happens when you talk to a rabid Ohio State fan who swears on his life that Ohio State is the greatest team in the greatest conference that has ever played in the history of any sports at all. This guy would’ve put a hand on the bible and told me the Ohio State football team could’ve conquered Mount Olympus and that the mounting record of never losing to an in-state school is just amazing, something un heard of, something that even Tebow couldn’t live up to. This week should be a bit more sensible. On to the picks…

UGA vs Arkansas

I hope that Bobo will open up the offense for Murray. The kid is good and has put up pretty impressive numbers through two games this season. He’s 31 for 47 with 392 yards, three touchdowns and one interception, which if you saw the play, was a dropped pass directly in Kris Durham’s chest. He’s also scrambled 10 times for 27 yards and another touchdown. Not bad for a redshirt freshman who was such a huge “unknown”. Just my opinion, but the number 3 rated QB in a class should never be an “unknown”. At Florida, Brantley was the “heir apparent”. At Georgia, Murray was the “big if”. Thus far, Murray has outperformed expectations and the O-line and running game have been the bigger ifs.

On the other side of the field, Ryan Mallett is the best QB in the SEC, possibly the country. He’s thrown for 701 yards (49 of 67), 6 TDs and 2 INTs. Payton Manning wouldn’t mind those numbers through two games. Add in a passer rating of 184.6 and you’re looking at an elite QB. This is no surprise. Further, the Hogs are fielding four very capable running backs and an experienced group of wide receivers. This is going to be a huge test for both teams.

UGA, without AJ Green still can, and will, pull this one out. Not only do they have to win to have a realistic chance of staying in the SEC East title hunt, but UGA is playing at home, with a huge home crowd, and with both projected “starting backs” in the line-up. Here’s the deal, both teams have a lot to prove on defense. The difference is that UGA’s pass defense hasn’t been suspect and Arkansas hasn’t truly had a running back step up to claim the position. Mallett is going to be forced to pass and he’s going to have Deangelo Tyson and Justin Houston in his face all day. It’s hard to pass for 400 yards from your back and UGA’s defense should be adjusted enough to handle a one dimensional attack this week. Further, UGA still has the best special teams in the nation. Expect a game similar to last year’s shoot out and UGA pulling it out in the end.

Prediction – UGA 31 vs Ark 28

Texas vs Texas Tech

Tuberville is back to coaching and he has a very talented team at Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are spreading the ball, as usual, in the passing game, but are finding a running game as well. Give Tubs a year or two to recruit a big time running back and they are well on their way to competing for a Big 12 title or two. For Texas, this is Garrett Gilbert’s game to step up. It’s his first true test on the road and it’s in a hostile environment. This rivalry is heated and though Texas is the higher ranked team, Texas Tech has a huge opportunity to pull off an upset. The Red Raiders have a rejuvenated coach, an extremely talented secondary, and a QB who understands Coach Tub’s system. If Texas Tech’s line can stop the D from putting Potts on his back too often, Texas Tech will pull this one out. Like the UGA ARK game, I expect this one to put some points on the board. TT will need it’s Defensive front to step up and hold down the Texas running game while the Red Raider secondary does its job, but I think the Red Raiders pull this one out and upset Texas at home.

Prediction – TT 42 vs Texas 28

UF vs Tennessee

In what may be one of the most interesting games of the week, a seemingly over hyped Florida team travels to Knoxville to take on a underappreciated Tennessee team that has a new coach, a new QB, and a new attitude. Derek Dooley is sure to fire up the Volunteers and let them know they are out to set the world on fire. With all of the off the field issues that both programs are having, Florida losing a talented Chris Rainey to his Mel Gibson-esque stalking incident, the lack of production from God’s Gift Part Deux, and the inability of the Florida O-Line to function without both Pouncey twins, it seems that the recipe for an upset is in the works. The problem is that Tennessee hasn’t exactly been the picture of consistency either. Lame Kiffin really left his stamp on the Tennessee program and unfortunately for Dooley, it is going to take time to overcome. If Florida doesn’t win this game, we may see another Brett Favre come from Urban Meyer. This game could go either way, but I’m not ready to pick a Tennessee team to win much of anything with all of the questions at hand. Despite another underwhelming performance from the heralded John Brantley, look for Jeff Demps and the Florida D to step up enough to win this one in Knoxville.

Prediction – UF 17 vs UT 7

Iowa vs Arizona

During week one, I made the statement that Iowa may be Ohio State’s toughest game this year. I’m not backing down from that statement yet. These corn-fed Midwestern boys are here to play and ready to put Iowa back on the map. Stanzi looks good thus far and Arizona doesn’t seem to have the team, nor the talent, to hang with a very tough and very well rounded Iowa team. Arizona has a program that is ranked at the moment, but look for that to change after the Iowa D suffocates Arizona’s Offense. Iowa may not run for 251 yards as they did last week, but Arizona is not the right team to stop the Hawkeyes rushing attack. Iowa wins at Arizona and climbs up the polls again this week.

Prediction – Iowa 21 vs Arizona 10

Clemson vs Auburn

The ACC had a terrible week last week. GA Tech and VA Tech, the two most stable programs in the ACC over the last 5 or so years both lost to what was considered cupcake opponents. Clemson may be 2 and 0, but they haven’t had to handle the likes of a QB as talented, nor as experienced as Cam Newton. The 6’6” monster is going to have a field day against this Clemson D. Auburn’s D is going to make Willie Parker wish he would’ve left Clemson early and Dabo Swinney is going to be welcomed to the SEC for 2010. Without C.J. Spiller, Clemson is not the team it was. I’m hoping for a good game, but I expect Newton to continue making his case for Heisman and showing why he and Michigan’s Denard Robinson are the two most explosive players in the college football game at the moment. Auburn rolls over Clemson at home.

Prediction – Auburn 31 vs Clemson 14