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Friday, September 14, 2007

For those who are participating in the Sportscrack College Football Pick Em Contest, you need to get your picks in if you want to win a free Sportscrack shirt of your choice.

Last week our lucky winner was Bryan Dean of Georgia. With the win Bryan not only assured himself a place in heaven and a permanent spot in the Sportscrack Hall of Fame, but he also got two free shirts. I've been assured from Bryan himself that the ladies are loving him a lot lately since he has been sporting his Sportscrack swag. He even sent me a video which I thought was a little inappropriate but it wouldn't be right to not show you the love he has enjoyed...

So get those picks in people, you could be the winner of a lovely new shirt.
Here are the two new ones we just introduced...

I just got the word from Adam over at Mac Gs World that the unholy of all holliness has happened at the hands of the evil pig fucker we all know as Nick Saban.

Brace yourself people, back away from anything breakable and go to a quiet room where you can scream all you want and nobody will care: THE SECPOON HAS BEEN KILLED BY SABAN.

Apparently the SECPoon displayed a picture of Saban's niece and all hell broke loose. Satan..excuse me, Saban worshipping blood seeking gouge your eyes out lawyers have contacted the SECPoon and made a threat. I wish I had more information but my head is spinning worse than the first time I drank Golden Grain. How could this happen? Why would anyone want to get rid of the wonderful and glorious pictures of SECPoon?

I'm starting to get a case of Muhammad Ali shakes.

You got till 5 o'clock to make everything right Saban. You got that Saban, don't make a fool out of me...


Well, Roger Godell and the NFL slayed down the law last night on the Patriots and I guess it depends on what side you are on if you think it is justice. My honest view was it wasn't enough. I hate it when you give multimillionaires run by billionaires fines. It just doesn't stick with these guys, they will continue to cheat. Look at baseball. If you told major leaguers the first time they got caught for illegal performance enhancing drugs they would be suspended for the rest of their career you know damn well what would happen....MLB would be boring. Anyways, I thought it was funny how the guys over at BarStoolSports view the way Godell handled it. Apparently everybody cheats in their mind and so the Patriots and Belicheat should have gotten off with a gentle spanking. If I was the commish and thank god I'm not (it doesn't pay enough)I would have made the Patriots forfeit the game and give up first round draft picks for the next few seasons to their division rivals.

I think that would have sent a clear message to everybody in the NFL that this espionage/counter intelligence stealing signs bull shit is not tolerated. And if it is please tell me who is doing it so I can make the right bet with my bookie. At least have that dignity right?