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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Herschel Walker Calls Nick Chubb A "Throwback"

If "throwback" means badass then yes, Herschel Walker, Nick Chubb is indeed one of those.

Chubb also is getting way too much tread on his tires.  With a game versus the imploding Vanderbilt Commodores it would be wise for Mark Richt and Georgia to limit Chubb's carries so he can be ready to go 30 plus a game vs Bama.

But what do I know?  Richt has produced way more National Championship game appearances at UGA then I ever will.

Oh wait, nevermind.

Brian Kelly With the Ultimate Boss Saying on A Season With Notre Dame Football

It doesn't get any more Alpha Male than Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly stating his football team "we're gonna beat Texas' ass!" on the season premiere of his new Showtime show "A Season With Notre Dame Football."

And not only did he say it but he went out and kicked and stomped Bevo right in their burnt orange manbags 38-3.  Just straight up kicked Texas ass like he said they would.

Move over Donald Trump.  Take a seat Bill Belichick.  There is a new boss in America.

Brian Fucking Kelly.

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