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Friday, December 06, 2013

Teddy Bridgewater With The Play of the Day

This is one hell of a play by Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater here last night vs Cincinnati.  Does this play help cement Bridgewater's status as the #1 pick in the draft?  The consensus among draft experts is Bridgewater will be the first quarterback taken.  The Houston Texans lost their 10th straight last night and now sit in the driver's seat for the #1 overall pick.  The Texans have long been infatuated with Aggies QB Johnny Manziel but before the season started they had no idea they were going to have the 1st pick.  Would you take Manziel #1 overall or would you bank your franchise future on Bridgewater?

Personally I would go Manziel.  I know he's a wild card off the field but eventually he has to grow up.  His upside is huge and with the exception of Jameis Winston I can't think of a better college QB to build my franchise around.  Plus his marketability would be huge in Houston where he is already a known commodity and he would definitely sell tickets and jerseys.  I'm not as impressed with Bridgewater's overall play this season.  Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney, and Stephon Tuitt all took step backs in their junior seasons in my opinion.  I thought all 3 of those players would dominate the college game but for the most part they have not lived up to the hype.  All 3 could and should be NFL stars if they stay healthy but their not locks like I thought they were before the season to be franchise difference players.

But the real question remains: Fantasy Football Who are you taking?  Johnny Football or Teddy Ballgame?