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Friday, January 14, 2011


I was just waiting for one of the old men to pull out a knife and gut one of these punks. It's because I play golf and have respect for the game (drink a beer a hole at all times) that I would have been perfectly fine if one of these old men killed and claimed self defense. I got your back Caddyshack!

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Nothing says good eating like Blazin' Balls! My mouth is literally watering just thinking about some hot balls. I would lick, bite and swallow so quickly. I need Blazin' Balls in my mouth now damnit!

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Yesterday National Champion Auburn lost their two biggest playmakers in quarterback Cam Newton and defensive tackle Nick Fairley to the NFL draft. Are either one of these freaks of nature #1 pick material for the Carolina Panthers?

I'm going to say no. Carolina does need a quarterback if they plan on ditching the Jimmy Clausen experiment but I don't think Cam would be the best choice. Andrew Luck would have been the perfect pick for Carolina but since he is coming back for his senior season at Stanford there is no sure bet for #1. Newton has too many question marks (character, ability to adapt to a pro-style offense, experience) to risk handing your franchise over to a guy who would instantly become the face of the franchise. I think Cam could become an excellent NFL QB with time but I don't think Carolina would be conducive to his development. Plus you know Cam and his father are going to hold out for the most money.

Fairley was a beast this season and pretty much carried Auburn's defense much like Cam carried Auburn's offense. He was unstoppable in college. The only person who stopped him was himself. Yes, Fairley does take a lot of plays off. The motor isn't constantly ticking like it is in a Ndamukong Suh. If I'm going to throw tens of millions on a #1 overall pick I have to be absolutely sure they will give it everything they have on Sundays. I'm not convinced Fairley has it in him. Don't get me wrong the guy is a fucking locomotive when he gets going and I would be more than happy to have him playing for my Falcons. But if I'm Carolina I can't risk missing on this #1 pick with a guy who takes plays off and who will be getting millions of dollars and could just cash out like Albert Haynesworth did when he got his big paycheck.

So who would I take #1 if I were Carolina? I would probably look to trade down and get a second round pick to go along with a first or even another first round pick if possible but if I had a gun to my head and had to pick one guy right now it would be Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers. The sky is the limit it for Bowers and with the close proximity of Clemson to Charlotte he would be in a comfort zone with the franchise. I can see Bowers developing into another Julius Peppers.


Notre Dame picked up another huge commitment with 4 star outside linebacker Ishaq Williams dad confirming to's Pete Sampson that his son would be attending Notre Dame starting next week. This is another huge get for the Notre Dame football program in that Ishaq would join potential 5 star players in defensive ends Stephon Tuitt and Aaron Lynch in what would be the best defensive haul in Notre Dame recruiting history. Notre Dame now has 22 commitments for their 2011 signing class and are still awaiting word from running backs Amir Carlisle and Savon Huggins who both have ND as a finalist in their college decision.

If you are curious to know how good of a recruiters head coach Brian Kelly and defensive coordinator Bob Diaco are you should read this story told to Pete Sampson.

OK, here's the backstory. The dad told me that Ishaq was ready to announce his commitment last weekend at the Army Bowl, or at least was very close to it, but the commitment was going to be to Penn State. During the week Ishaq prayed about the decision, coming to terms with two big points, that Notre Dame was the best fit for him off the field and that the Penn State coaching situation wasn't going to be stable enough for him to trust that the staff would be there intact during his college career.

Fast forward to this morning, with Bob Diaco making a 4:30 a.m. in-home visit with the family, which is what ended up getting Notre Dame over the top.

“The whole notion of going to a school because of a position coach, that’s not a good look,” Shaun Williams said. “Everything else at Notre Dame just added up. It’s really just what he was looking for. He really admires coach Diaco and really admires coach (Brian) Kelly. Coach Kelly is a proven winner and might just prove to be the next Joe Paterno, if he wants to coach that long.

“The whole idea of how confidently coach Diaco talks about Notre Dame winning a national championship in the next few years, he just felt he had to buy in.”

I've already bought in to Coach Kelly and Diaco after seeing Notre Dame run off a 4 game winning streak at the end of the season with a true freshman quarterback starting and injuries to 5 key starters who were missing. It's great to hear recruits are taking notice and that Notre Dame is on the right track. The thought of Ishaq, Lynch, and Tuitt all in the same class is sickening. Notre Dame is usually lucky to land one of these defensive recruits of their caliber every 5-10 years. Three in one class? Mind blowing.

Here are some highlights of Ishaq...