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Friday, November 07, 2008


Notre Dame landed one of the nation's best high school receivers today when 4 star prospect Shaquelle Evans out of California picked Notre Dame over USC. Shaq Evans is an explosive receiver who will join the already talented Notre Dame receiver's core of Golden Tate and Michael Floyd next year and should get immediate playing time. Especially if he plays the college game as well as he dominates the high school game...

Now if only Notre Dame could get some defensive linemen and linebackers they might actually have a front 7 who puts some pressure on the quarterback. With three months left till signing day look for Charlie Weis and the staff to put a full effort into landing defensive stars like Chris Bonds, Mante Te'O and Jelani Jenkins. The offensive class is now completely stacked with Evans on board but they need the defensive studs to make the whole class elite from top to bottom.

Video HT: UHND


Don Chavez has the spanktacular pictures of Victoria Beckham showing off her store boughts for some advertisement that is not nearly as annoying as Toyota's current one. It actually kind of perks me up. I could use a warm glass of saline milk right now.


Look at that fucking grin on Jayson Werth. He is high as a kite brotha. My buddy Tobin sent me the picture of Werth among many others of last week's Phillies celebration parade and I couldn't help but laugh at the one above. I've never heard Werth speak a word but I would imagine it would sound a lot like this...

Just a reminder people that I got a brand new batch of fresh cooked "Phucking Phantastic 2008 World Champs" shirts in for you to consume and devour...


I actually could deal with a commercial like this on television. It's those annoying Toyota commercials lately that have me going absolutely crazy. You know the ones with the O% down BS and the want to rip your ear drums out tune they play to it. And they play it all the time during football games. I've never owned a Toyota (Dodge man myself) and I can honestly say I never will even think about buying one after seeing those commercials played during every single break in the action. Now if you want to throw some eye candy in there Toyota, say a Jessica Biel or a Heidi Klum, then we can start talking. But until you do your as dead as the pitchman for AT&T. Capiche?

This Week's College Football Pick 'em

Okay folks, I know! I really screwed up my picks last week. Hell, Matt and I both did. I really thought Georgia would show up in Jacksonville, but I guess they didn't get the memo. I also put too much faith in Texas, and even though I picked them to win, it was great to see Texas Tech come out on top. Did you guys see the new shirts?
Oh, I'm also sorry I even tried to throw in a UConn game to the mix. I guess they are overrated, and I got a little excited.
Let's crack open a cold one and forget last week. Cheers to another exciting Saturday!

Cheese Whistle's 11 Picks:

#1 Alabama @ #16 LSU: Although LSU has rolled over the Tide the past 5 match-ups, expect Alabama to win the "Saban Bowl."

#6 Oklahoma @ Texas A&M: My gut is going with Oklahoma tearing up all that agriculture.

Baylor @ #4 Texas: The Longhorns will be looking to take out their frustration on poor Baylor this weekend.

#11 Ohio State @ #24 Northwestern: I think this game will be a battle to the end. I picture purple fans to bum-rush the field at the end of this one.

#9 Oklahoma State @ #2 Texas Tech: This game is going to be awesome! I had a hard time choosing sides on this one, but Texas Tech is looking too good right now.

#5 Florida @ Vandy: In an SEC battle, I believe Florida will continue to steam roll their opponents.

#21 California @ #7 USC: I really wanted to pick California on this on, but with two losses as compared to USC's one loss, I had to go with the Condoms.

#13 Georgia @ Kentucky: Georgia is going to come out pissed off after last week's debacle. Ugh. I can't get that nightmare out of my head.

#20 Georgia Tech @ #19 North Carolina: This is going to be another great Saturday game. Georgia Tech will just squeak by NC.

Utah State @ #10 Boise State: The Broncos are 8-0 this year, and I assume they will smash Utah State. I was driving through Boise early this Summer, but a big sand storm blanketed the sky, so I couldn't see any mountains or the town. I'm still bummed about that.

On a side note, I'm putting my money on the Undefeated Fighting Dave Letterman's this week. Go Ball State!

Matt Fairchild's picks:

#1 Alabama @ #16 LSU: As much I want to see LSU pull the upset here I think Bama will be too tough especially with mac truck Cody back to clog up the middle.

#6 Oklahoma @ Texas A&M: Faggies don't have a prayer. Sam Bradford will put up some Heisman like numbers in this game and score some serious Sooner poon like this...

Image courtesy of MacG's trip to Norman

Baylor @ #4 Texas: Texas still has a shot at the National Championship and will come out and show Baylor who the Real McCoy is.

#11 Ohio State @ #24 Northwestern: Northwestern and Ohio State can both suck my balls. God, I hate watching Big Ten football. It's like watching two fat people fuck. Nobody wins.

#9 Oklahoma State @ #2 Texas Tech: I'm going upset special right here. This game is going to be fucking awesome. I just think the Red Raiders are in for a let down game after the huge win over Texas last week.

#5 Florida @ Vandy: The Gaytors will have won this game as soon as the first whistle is blown. I got this sinking feeling we are going to see Urban in the BCS Championship.

#21 California @ #7 USC: I got to take FUSC on this one. Those fucking tree hugging hippies up in Berkeley could use some Trojans in my opinion.

#13 Georgia @ Kentucky: The Dawgs looked like garbage last week and will look to take their frustrations out on Kensucky.

#20 Georgia Tech @ #19 North Carolina: I will be rooting for the We love our Johnson's but I think the Tarholes will win by creating turnovers. Plus Tech's QB Nesbitt is more roughed up then a Pete Carroll hooker.

Utah State @ #10 Boise State: Nobody beats Boise State on their Smurf turf. And I mean nobody lays a hand on Smurfette except me.

And here is my Notre Dame pick of the week:
Listen, Notre Dame shit the bed last week against Pitt. They should have fucking killed the Stache but they got conservative and blew the game in the second half with an eventual loss in 4 OT's. This week they get to redeem themselves up in Chestnut Hill with Backup College the opponent. This will be the defining game of Charlie Weis' career at Notre Dame. They have too much talent to lose to BC. If they lose the season is a lost cause in my opinion. They should have beat the Tarholes and Shitzburgh and for sure should win this game. If they lose this game then Weis as a head coach is as good as dead to me like Davie and Willingham. No more youth excuses or lack of depth BS. They should be able to manhandle an average BC team with no Matt Ryan.
Notre Dame 33
Backup College 20