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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The dipshit to the right who threw beer cans on video at Ohio State fans last week will apparently be charged according to the Centre Daily Times. Some of the charges include unlawful use of Bama "Brodie" Bangs, douchebaggery, being a pussy and using a crowd to back you up, improper use of the F word, and unlawful wasting of hangover inducing Natty Boh beer. Oh yeah, and probably assault charges on top of that but those are minor in comparison. I mean seriously, what did these douchebags think they would accomplish by posting this video on YouTube? I kind of feel bad for the little dude. You know he was visiting some of his dipshit friends at Penn State and got wrapped up in the whole "hey, we are in a frat so let's act like dumbasses so people think we are cool" mojo and thought he would be accepted for his douchebag behaviors from his friends if he acted tough. I've seen it before and nobody wins in this type of scenario. Now if you get laid without paying for it immediately afterwards then yes, it was so worth it. In fact if I was the kid I would make up a lie and tell everybody I got layed shortly after just so my Dad would be like "Shut up Nancy, he got layed, good enough reason to throw shit" at a Buckeye. If you haven't seen it or are just coming off an extremely long bender(happens to all of us) well then here is the video again...


I was in Circuit City the other day looking at new cell phones, and yes, like Stewie, it didn't go so well.

Only two more days till the psychotic Saban Bowl in Tuscaloosa, damn I can't wait to watch some good ole SEC hatred on the ole tele. I want to see blood damnit, you hear me Lundquist? Anyways, I thought I would present this wonderful early November gift of Nick Saban's #1 fan in the whole world...Shine on you crazy diamond...We go bowlin' baby!!!

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Honestly I see no problem being drunk at 6 AM, shit you're an Alabama fan, what else are you going to do?

Don't even act like you didn't rock out to this Bonnie Tyler ballad while rolling up your jeans back in the day.


Wait a second, you trying to tell me Amy Fisher, the girl who "dated" Joey Buttafuoco on the side only to shoot his wife in the head, is a whore? No way! Apparently the Long Island Lolita has a new sex tape out there in order to let the world know her lips flap in the wind and can be louder than a wind chime on a slow breezy day but can be seen for a low price of $19.99.

I know this has nothing to do with sports but I felt it is my obligation to report to the Sportscrack nation when a sex tape emerges. Of course Fisher is not really a celebrity but just a felon who happens to be a whore. But then again so is Britney Spears. Here is the video clip I was sent today (wink, wink)from an anonymous person and be careful because it is 100% NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Even for you Buckeye fans out there sitting in the public library, don't even think about it.


Damn, I suddenly have the urge for a Baby Ruth. TheWizardofOdds has their weekly Separated at Birth blog posting and I thought it would be appropriate to show the Frank Beamer one only because I'm a dick. Anyways, I'm actually attending the Georgia Tech/Nerds vs Virginia Tech/not a real "Tech" school matchup tonight at Bobby Dodd. I will be sporting the Nerds shirt so I'm sure I will be getting a lot of high fives from all the international students who go there and don't drink. Fucking pansies. Maybe I should bring all my left over Baby Ruth Halloween candy and throw it at Beamer as he sloths onto the Grant Field. I'm sure it will be an exciting game you know since Tashard Choice isn't playing and Chan Gailey is coaching...yeah, hmmm, did I mention I will be consuming a lot of Natty Lights. By the start of the game after tailgating with my buddy Chuck I'm sure I will be screaming something like this....

Go Nerds!!!

I thought I would post a picture from a Halloween party I attended. I'm the
Florida fan, luckily I didn't have to do much to prep myself for my costume. Years of building up gingivitis with my already bad teeth along with a total disregard of cutting my hair in the back(this is how I party people)all I really had to do was put the UlTIMate QB shirt on. Unfortunetly you can't see my sexy hairy legs with my jorts on but I'm sure you would prefer to keep your breakfast down.

Georgia frat boy, Florida fan, Pilot, and Mr. T