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Saturday, July 31, 2010


-Cardinals get Jake Westbrook in a three way (hot) deal with the Padres and Indians. Westbrook will instantly turn into a pitcher with a sub 2 ERA under Dave Duncan. Mark it down. Padres get Ryan Ludwick who should provide some pop. Indians get prospect Corey Kluber. No fucking clue who that is. If you do please go get laid. Now.

-Dodgers acquire Ted Lilly from the Cubs for Blake Dewitt.. Ted Lilly still sucks. Even in LA.

-Pirates get Chris Snyder from the Diamondbacks. Pirates and Diamondbacks still blow balls.

-Lance Berkman is about to get traded to the Yankees. Joy. Another high priced sub/rental player for the Yankees. Must be nice.

-The Braves are not doing shit. Well, I don't blame them. But I would still like to see them sit Troy Glaus for a while and let Freddie Freeman come up.

-The Orioles and Rays are in talks about Luke Scott or Will Ohman. I forgot to mention the Orioles hired Buck Showalter the other day. Peter Angelos is still the owner. This is why I forgot to mention it.

-Looks like Adam Dunn is staying in D.C. Too bad because he would be a great DH for the Rays or White Sox.

-Manny still in LA. White Sox tried to get him but no luck so far.

-Fuck baseball. The trade deadline is bull shit anyways. Teams can still make trades till August 31st as long as players clear waivers. Most all players clear waivers. Football season is one month from this weekend. FUCK YEAH!!!!!