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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Inch away from being a multimillionaire

Fear and loathing here in Vegas playing Wheel of Fortune progressive slots, I just missed being able to call myself a millionaire by an inch. A fucking inch. I got the first two Wheel of Fortunes on the roll but then the third one fell below the faithful line.

The jackpot would have been over 6.6 million.

I guess God had different plans for me.


Gambling causing ulcers

Maybe it\'s the high alcohol volume per hour or just the high stake sports gambling that is causing my ulcers but it won\'t get in the way of a few parlays tonight. After Maryland fucked me the other night I need to come back.
So for the good of my sanity and health I need both Duke and Villanova to win, the Redwings and Stars to pull out victories, the Warriors and Magic to cover their spreads, and SMU to lose by 21 or less against Memphis. You can do it fuckers!