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Friday, August 08, 2014

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Got Shit Bombed Before Throwing Out the Dodgers First Pitch

Despite being absolutely shit canned and having newborn giraffe leg balance supermodel Chrissy Teigen still threw a decent first pitch at Dodgers Stadium.  Teigen looks and acts like the girl who just wants everyone to think she is just one of the guys.  This is cute and all till you realize she's being paid to be seen, not heard.  I've never quite seen the appeal of Chrissy but hey at least she can hum it better than 50 Cent from the bump.

Bama Rides a Two Game Losing Streak into 2014

I think we all need to give Bama fans a dose of reality before they think they are a legit top 5 team this season.

A) You lost your two biggest games of the season to end the season.

B)  You got fucking destroyed by Oklahoma in the bowl game.

C)  You lost your best QB in 30 plus seasons to graduation in AJ McHandoff

D)  You fucking hired Lane Kiffin to be your OC which is on scale with giving Superman an IV of kryptonite

E)  The offensive line is in shambles

F)  Your vaunted defense while playing a Mickey Mouse schedule only managed 17 sacks last season

G)  Did I mention you hired Lane Kiffin who single handily tried his best to destroy USC football?

In other words temper your expectations Bama fans.  You got talent but it's unproven.  Granted you play another cupcake schedule with only two real tests in LSU and Auburn but don't think because you start October off undefeated that you have a legit shot at the college football playoffs this season.  It's just plain dumb.  Never go full retard Bama.  Never.