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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Funny Or Die's Bracket Is Almost Identical To Mine

When I filled out my first bracket on Monday I initially had a Final Four of Kentucky, Syracuse, UNC...and get this kidding...Long Beach State. Yeah for some tripped out reason I convinced myself the 12th seeded Long Beach State would be this year's VCU or George Mason. Then I went back to it today and convinced myself that there is no fucking way they beat Missouri. Initially I also had Mizzou losing to Murray State in the sweet 16. That was obviously scratched. Mizzou could win the whole thing. They are that fucking good. So in the end I have Mizzou winning the West. The other team I had to scratch off was Syracuse. Losing Fab Melo is fucking huge. You can't lose your shot blocker, inside defensive presence guy who grabs a lot of boards right before the tournament and recover. Sorry it's just not possible. So now I got FSU beating them in the Elite 8. My other regions remain solid with UNC and Kentucky both winning and eventually meeting in the championship game. I know I probably sound like some front running douche but I'm really not. Kentucky, UNC, FSU, and Mizzou are 4 of the most impressive teams I have watched all season. Sure they can get upset but I guaranteed at least 2 of those 4 make it to New Orleans. Begrudgingly I took Kentucky to win it all. They got the best player in the nation in Anthony Davis and John Calipari is due to win a championship and get it stripped 3 years later. Shit he is way beyond due.

Honestly I could give two shits what happens in this tournament. This has been one of the worst years in college basketball that I can ever remember. There hasn't been one interesting story. No true superstars beside Anthony Davis and his unibrow is more famous than his game. Maryland and Georgia Tech were awful this year so I didn't really pay attention that much to the ACC. Notre Dame was playing out of their asses there for a while but now appear to be leveling off. I guess now since I really don't care about winning my pool I'm going to root for upsets. A Final Four of New Mexico St, Long Beach St, Loyola, and Detroit would be something interesting worth talking about and would surely make CBS executives, March Madness sponsors and Colin Cowherd blow their brains out. Now that would be fucking sweet and entertaining.

I want Dick Vitale yelling "ANARCHY BABY ANARCHY!!!!"


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