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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


“Obviously, it’s a joke. I don’t know anything about anything. I heard they’ve got me meeting with the agent and all that. I never met with anybody. It’s ridiculous.”

Oh Urban, you sly snake. You don't know anything just like Mark McGwire had no clue what sticking needles in his ass would do for him. I've always known Urban has been a great college football coach but I just never fully realized what a piece of shit he is. This guy will do anything to gain advantage on Saturday including throwing one of his former players under the bus with some academic bull shit. I hope recruits and their parents take notice of the tactics Urban Meyer uses. Threaten to kill your girlfriend it's all good and you can come back and play against Georgia. Transfer to a rival SEC school like Cam Newton and you should expect some serious mud slinging in the media from Urban.

Seriously, what a piece of shit. I want to see Auburn vs. Florida in the SEC Championship. This has to happen.

Oh and by the way I know Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen is behind this too. Guess where he got his info people? His good old buddy who's last name just happens to rhyme with LIAR.


How in the holy fucking hell did Derek Jeter win another Gold Glove? Does anybody who vote for these awards actually watch the games? I guess tomorrow we will find out Brooks Conrad won it with his stellar defense in the National League. Seems completely logical right? I'm convinced Bud Selig made this happen for publicity for his shitty fucking sport.

And yes, I love baseball but I hate that fucking four eyed 70's smoke jacket wearing douchebag and his non salary cap loving ass.

TURKISH BASKETBALL CAN CAUSE HEADACHES has the greatest Turkish League Basketball head stomping video of all-time. I've seen my fair share of Turkish League Basketball cheap shots but this one takes the cake. Shame on you Mike Batiste! Just because Albert Haynesworth did it in America doesn't mean you can go overseas and start stomping people's skulls. Seriously, what an asshole!


But we've had the three worst defenses in Michigan's 133 year history....HATER!

Best Trick Play Ever!!!!

All I can say is WOW!!! Check out this middle school trick play! It's insane!!! Check out the Leather Helmet Blog too (for all of us UGA fans) @


Last week it was reported Heisman Trophy frontrunner and current Auburn Tiger's QB Cam Newton was reportedly being shopped for $200,000 to SEC schools while he was playing junior college ball in Texas. The smoke came from Mississippi State who said they were approached by a friend or associate of the Newton family who said Cam would take a discount of $180K to play for the Bulldogs because he liked coach Dan Mullen (former OC at Florida under Urban Meyer and coached Cam for two years there). Why it came out last week and not during the summer when it happened was curious. Now we are hearing news that Cam basically got thrown out of Florida for not just accepting stolen laptops but for submitting papers he didn't write. Basically he cheated at Florida on his paper. Color me shocked that this would happen in SEC country or any other major college football program! Here is what Thayer Evans is reporting from a "source" cough cough Urban Meyer...

Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton had three different instances of academic cheating while attending the University of Florida and faced potential expulsion from the university, according to a source.

Newton, considered the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy, attended Florida in 2007 and 2008 before transferring to Blinn College, a junior college in Texas. He first violated Florida’s student honor code by cheating in a class during his freshman year, according to the source.

Newton was arrested for the theft of a laptop from a Florida student’s dorm room in November 2008. He again violated the university’s honor code by putting his name on another student’s paper and turning it in, according to the source. Newton was caught after the instructor asked the real author of the paper why he had not turned in his work, the source said.

According to the source, after the student said he had turned in a paper, he and the instructor went through all the submissions and discovered that Newton had put his name on the paper in question.

Newton subsequently turned in a second paper to the instructor, but it was later found to have been purchased off the Internet, according to the source. The source said Newton was to appear for a hearing in front of Florida’s Student Conduct Committee during the spring semester of 2009, but instead transferred to Blinn College.

The committee could have levied sanctions against Newton that included suspension and expulsion from the university.

“He knew that he was facing a bad outcome,” the source said.

First off grades are a private matter between the school and the student. These incidents happened two years ago but for some reason we are just now starting to hear about it. Weird right with Auburn now undefeated and Cam Newton leading the way? It just happens to be a coincidence that if Florida beats South Carolina on Saturday they would more than likely face Auburn in the SEC Championship with a multimillion dollar BCS Bowl bid up for grabs. So essentially Cam Newton is the only thing that stands in the way of Urban and his Gators getting to a BCS Bowl. And this "source" is just now telling the writer Evans at FoxSports about something that happened under Florida's watch two years ago. Hmmm. Makes you wonder who could have been the "source" who just now feels like spilling the beans to Evans?

You gotta love SEC football. Not only is it the best conference but it has the most dirty, slime ball shithead coaches who will do anything for a victory on the field... as well as off.


CBS4 Sports has learned a decision on the fate of CU's Dan Hawkins has been made. He is out as head football coach after five tumultuous seasons in Boulder. All that remains to be announced is when exactly Hawkins will leave.

Sources tell CBS4's Vic Lombardi that Hawkins will address the team at a meeting Tuesday morning. At that time we should learn if he is leaving immediately or if he'll be allowed to finish out the season.

Hawkins' firing has been long expected. Many CU fans were actually hoping he would be dismissed at the end of last year. Hawkins' record stands at 19-39. In his five seasons, the Buffs have never finished with a winning record and reached only one bowl game. The low point may have come this past weekend when CU blew a big lead and lost to Kansas on the road.

If Hawkins leaves immediately, assistant coach Brian Cabral is expected to take over for the remainder of the season.

And to think Georgia fucking lost to Colorado! How fucking embarrassing is that? I think everyone saw this coming. Maybe next time Hawkins takes a big time job he won't play his son at QB. Just a thought.


1. Cliff Lee- New York Yankees. I honestly can't remember the Yankees ever losing out on a player they wanted. It would be great to see Lee go back to the Rangers but in the end money talks.

2. Carl Crawford- Anaheim Angels. Owner Artie Moreno has deep pockets and the speedy Crawford would look great in an Angels uniform batting leadoff. I think the Angels outbid the Red Sox here and get the one guy in this free agent class that could possibly live up to his free agent deal.

3. Jayson Werth- Detroit Tigers. I know it seems odd to not have Werth going to the Yankees or Red Sox here but I got this feeling the Tigers want to make a splash in free agency. With Magglio leaving it clears room for Werth in right field.

4. Victor Martinez- Baltimore Orioles. Martinez wants to play every day and get his at-bats but more importantly wants a big contract. The Orioles haven't signed a major free agent since Miguel Tejada and are in desperate need of a first baseman who can also catch when Matt Wieters needs rest. Martinez would be the perfect free agent addition for the Orioles considering Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are too expensive.

5. Derek Jeter- New York Yankees. Jeter is the face of the franchise and there is no way he leaves the pinstripes. I'm thinking a 4 year deal for around $15-20 million per season gets it done for the deteriorating shortstop.

6. Mariano Rivera- New York Yankees. The same case as Jeter. There is no way the Yankees let him leave. One year deal with an option for two for the greatest closer of all-time.

7. Adam Dunn- Chicago Cubs. The Big Donkey would look great in a Cubs uniform. I want to see him blasting balls through windows in Chitown. Plus I want to see the Bleacher Bums boo him when he strikes out looking with the bases loaded in the ninth inning.

8. Rafael Soriano- Anaheim Angels. This is my best guess because the Angels need a closer bad. Soriano at this point is probably better and more reliable than Mo Rivera. If the Angels get Crawford and Soriano like I predict then they should bounce back and contend for the AL West.

9. Carlos Pena- Washington Nationals. With the Big Donkey leaving D.C. it only makes sense to overpay for another all or nothing slugger.

10. Adrian Beltre- Boston Red Sox. Beltre could honestly go anywhere but I think in the end he decides to stay in Boston. With that being said he will probably go to the Angels.

11. Paul Konerko- Chicago White Sox. Both the player and the franchise want the marriage to continue. No need to break it up over a little bit of money. And by little I mean millions and millions.

12. Carl Pavano- New York Mets. Just for pure comedy I could see something like this happening. The Mets will give him over $10 mil a season.

13. Vladimir Guerrero- Texas Rangers. Vlad had a great season in Arlington. No reason he needs to go elsewhere at this point in his career and since the Rangers are coming off a World Series appearance.

14. Jim Thome- Minnesota Twins. I wouldn't mind seeing Thome finish his career in Cleveland where it all started but I think the Twins want him more.

15. Manny Ramirez- Oakland A's or some Mexican team. Either Manny signs with the A's or he goes all Kenny Powers on us and high tails it down to Mexico to do hookers and blow.

16. Aubrey Huff- San Francisco Giants.The World Champs are perfect for the reason to ruin a good thing.

17. Orlando Hudson- St. Louis Cardinals. The O Dog would be a good fit in Busch Land.

18. Juan Uribe- Cincinnati Reds. The Reds need a shortstop/second baseman/third baseman and find their man in Uribe.

19. Lance Berkman- Houston Astros. Berkman pretty much blows now and the only team willing to give him good money to sell some tickets is Houston.

20. Brandon Webb- Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies take a flyer on Webb and give him a chance at reviving his career in an incentive base deal.

21. Javier Vazquez- Baltimore Orioles. I like Vazquez a lot as long as he is not wearing the pinstripes. With that being said I still don't like him pitching in the AL East. The Orioles are dumb enough to give him another chance in the division.

22. Derrek Lee- Seattle Mariners. If the Orioles miss out on Victor Martinez then I could see Lee in Baltimore but right now I think Lee goes out to the West coast.

23. Magglio Ordonez- Philadelphia Phillies. Mags is a professional hitter who would be a good fit with the Phillies. I wish the Braves would go after him but they won't because of cap restrictions.

24. Johnny Damon- Seattle Mariners. Not sure why but I could see the Mariners overpaying for Damon for two seasons.

25. Brian Fuentes- New York Yankees. This has disaster written all over it.