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Monday, September 29, 2008


I think I'm still a little awestruck by just how dominate Alabama was on Saturday night in Athens. They absolutely destroyed Georgia in every phase of the game with the most notable being the line of scrimmage. Georgia's inexperience on the offensive line hurt but there really is no reason to get dominated in that much of a fashion unless Bama is just the better overall team. Clearly Nick Saban is to blame for this. Poor Matthew Stafford never saw it coming.



I just thought I would let the readers who don't know about the "Crank Me Up!" chant that the Notre Dame football players, students, band, and fans and alumni have been using all season see if for their own eyes.

The Irish crushed Purdue 38-21 and finally found an offensive identity for the first time since Brady Quinn graduated. These are exciting times to be an Irish fan since the majority of their starters and playmakers are underclassmen on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The Irish appear ready to make a run for a major bowl appearance if they can continue to stay focused and improve with QB Jimmy Clausen leading the way.

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Video HT: IrishIllustrated


C.C. Sabathia and Ryan Braun celebrate the Brewers first playoff appearance since 1982.

As you have noticed by reading this blog lately I have pretty much written off baseball since football started. I love baseball but it's been hard for the past decade plus when my favorite club, the Baltimore Orioles, are mathematically eliminated starting in spring training in the always rough and tough AL East. At least this year we don't have to hear about the New York Yankees in the playoffs. Hell, the Milwaukee Brewers made it for the first time since 1982 and have as good of a shot as any other team to win the World Series. The playoffs should be very entertaining (more on it later) but I'm here to talk about the regular season awards and who I think they should go to.

Francisco Rodriguez, Anaheim Angels-Talk about using an upcoming free agency in the off season and turning it into a jackpot. K-Rod broke Bobby Thigpen's save record of 57, actually he destroyed it, by recording 62 saves as he helped lead the Angels to the best record in baseball by shutting out opponent's bats in the ninth. Normally I'm not a fan of picking any pitcher especially a reliever for a MVP award but Rodriguez stands out on the Angels because without him the Angels wouldn't be nearly as formidable as they are right now. Plus he broke a significant MLB record and nobody else in the league can say that. Dustin Pedroia would be might second place vote for playing an unbelievable second base despite being 5 foot 2.

Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals-Granted the Cardinals didn't make the playoffs but it shouldn't matter as Pujols again put up another monster season and deserves the award. He had more extra base hits than strikeouts and was the main reason why the Cardinals were in the Wild Card hunt till mid September. He is a pitcher's nightmare and he is top 4 in almost every important hitter's stat including batting average (.357, second only to Chipper), RBI's (116, 4th despite missing a month of the season and with a lineup with weak leadoff hitters), on base percentage (.462, second only to Chipper), 1st in OPS and slugging percentage and intentional walks. He is the modern day Babe Ruth and although I have my suspicions of illegal ways of acquiring these stats he has never been caught or had any legal cloud over him. Manny Ramirez deserves second place for destroying NL pitching and getting the Dodgers to the playoffs.

Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians-Lee went 22-3 and led the league in wins, ERA, and win percentage despite playing on a team that finished .500 on the season. I gave K-Rod the MVP so I wanted to spread out the love and give Lee the Cy Young for best season from an American League starter.

Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants-He might have the best name for a ballplayer in San Francisco with his last name having porno written all over it. That alone should get him the Cy Young. Kidding aside Lincecum was first in the league in strikeouts and win percentage despite playing on an awful Giants team which blew 5 of his games late which would have made him an easy 20 game winner. He finished second in the league in wins and ERA despite being only 24 years old and only in his second season in the majors.

Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays-The rookie third basemen helped the Rays win the American League East division despite not even making the ballclub out of spring training and missing 30 games with a broken wrist. He led all AL rookies in RBI's, total bases and extra base hits. He has drawn comparisons to Chipper Jones, Mike Schmidt, and Scott Rolen for his play all season at third despite only being 22 years old.

Geovany Soto, Chicago Cubs-Like Longoria he helped lead a perennial loser in the Chicago Cubs to a division championship while manning the most difficult position in all of baseball at catcher. The kid raked all season and held together a pitching staff which is always difficult for a rookie. He also hit the most homeruns for a rookie catcher since Mike Piazza.

AL-Joe Maddon of the Tampa Bay Rays got them to the playoffs and won the AL East division pretty handily despite having a payroll the fraction of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

NL-Lou Piniella of the Chicago Cubs got them to the playoffs and are probably the favorite to win the National League thanks to his bat shit crazy persona.

Feel free to argue your case for another guy in the comment sections if you disagree with my picks.