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Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Collin Klein Story Might Cost Him The Heisman

From CBSSports...
Klein's faith is out front, along with his chin that has led the way during 492 career runs. In a Kansas State-produced story that appeared in a game program, Klein said he was told by the Lord he would marry K-State women's basketball player Shalin Spani. The daughter of former KSU football great Gary Spani said she heard "a voice in my head" independently that told her she would marry Klein.
They became engaged before they formally had a first date. That first kiss came on the altar July 21, fulfilling a promise Klein made to himself at age 14. His first kiss would not come until then.
"Yes," Spani was quoted saying about their courtship, "it's unusual."
It's gotta be hard to vote for a guy who gets engaged to a girl before even delivering a first kiss right?  I don't even understand it.  KState QB Collin Klein should be running mad game all around Manhattan while spraying his purple rain on coeds yet here he is fucking married.  Stupid.  What a waste of talent.  I'm not a very religious person but I'm pretty sure God gave you the bat and two balls so you could fucking use it and not hide in your locker while you heard "voices" in your head telling you to marry this person.  That's not the Lord buddy.  It's called your nuts.  I'm not saying he should go all Travis Henry and start impregnating all of North America but you should at least be able to enjoy your success.  God didn't give you a #1 Heisman leader campaign to piss it away by being a pussy.  But hey, to each their own Tebow Jr.  I guess his teammates get to enjoy themselves with all the lonely leftovers because Klein is too scared to kiss a girl in fear of God throwing down a thunderbolt on his pansy ass.

I can't vote for Klein anymore for the Heisman.  Football is a man sport.  Act like one kid.

Granted I don't have a vote but whatever.  Grow some balls.

This Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love Uncle Drew Video is Awesome

I love this shit.  It doesn't get any funnier than Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love dressing up as old people and fooling a bunch of paid actors and extras who are conveniently drinking Pepsi Max in pickup basketball.  Priceless and brilliant.

Notre Dame...It's Alive!!!

The haters will still hate but you can't deny Notre Dame is one of the top 5 teams in the country.  Are they back?  That remains to be seen.  But the program is definitely "alive" and well with Brian Kelly plugging in all the lights to a team that had been dark for way too long.