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Thursday, December 02, 2010


Since I completely missed the "Lebron's return to a franchise he carried for 7 seasons on his back" game including the all important pregame introduction I figured I would give you the chance to see the "electricity" of Cleveland. I honestly had no idea people cared this much about the NBA before tonight. This is in fucking Cleveland. Holy shit! Imagine if Dunkin Donuts left in the middle of the night like the Mayflower trucks in Baltimore. There would be looting, rioting, and pillaging in the streets right now. Drew Carey would shit in his pants.

I'm kind of disappointed. It's not like I was openly rooting for a Monica Seles moment but I wouldn't have minded one deranged fan getting tasered at center court. Give me something Cleveland. I guess they only do that kind of shit in Philadelphia. Oh well. This will probably be my one and only Cleveland post in the next 10 years. Thank god.


"Will Smith is getting edgy with age!" - quotes white balding male

UGA Making Changes After All

Though this isn't official, I've heard UGA is making a few changes to their program. From what I can gather, Joe Tereshinski will be taking over as the Director of the Strength and Conditioning Program and John Kasay Sr. will be hired as an assistant to Joe T. Thanks Seth for the rocking Bulldogs Blog and the insight into the program. Check out The Bulldogs Blog here for a more in depth look at the changes supposedly being implemented starting January 1, 2011.


Notre Dame just landed their quarterback of the future with the commitment of Everett Golson who will also be an early enrollee next month. The last time Notre Dame landed an athletic dual threat quarterback from South Carolina was some guy named Tony Rice. You may have heard of him.

WPDE Sports has learned that Myrtle Beach quarterback Everett Golson has de-committed from the University of North Carolina and will play college football at Notre Dame. Notre Dame had a home visit with Golson on Wednesday and that was when the decision was made.

Golson was an early commitment to North Carolina during his junior year, but with NCAA sanctions looming, the Seahawks quarterback reopened his recruiting. He made an official visit to Notre Dame when the Fighting Irish upset Utah in November.

Golson was invited to the Nike Elite 11 Quarterback camp and is a finalist for South Carolina's Mister Football. He has 22 TD passes and just one INT in six games of action in his senior campaign. Golson suffered a leg and wrist injury in week two, but has returned to the Seahawks in the playoffs and has guided Myrtle Beach to the 3A state championship game for the third straight year.

Golson was a four year starter at Myrtle Beach. He stands a little over 6 feet (think more Drew Brees/Charlie Ward like) and is extremely quick and accurate with his throws. Plus he can run. Brian Kelly got the perfect QB for his system! My condolences go out to Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford and North Carolina for losing out to Kelly on this kid.


Hey brah, how fucking "crucial" is it to have cranberry juice as a chaser for Grey Goose? Jesus H. Christ, is this dickhead on his fucking period or does he just have a giant vagina written all over his face? And what is up with the fucking projection screen? You got a golf cart but you can't dish out some "1st Round Records" money on a plasma. What an asshole! The only thing cool this kid has in his "pad" is his kegerator. If you are in college it is essential to have one. And Valtrex.

This Teague Egan lad is the same kid who got USC RB Dillon Baxter in trouble for riding him around on his golf cart while handing out roofies, I mean brochures for his business. I'm actually kind of shocked Teague didn't have time to show us his rape room. Teague is the type of character Dexter enjoys giving a midnight ride on his Slice of Life charter. It's good to see the culture has changed so much at USC since they have been put on sanctions. You already have Athletic Director and President of the Ultimate Combover Club Pat Haden bitching about how Auburn got off in the Cam Newton fiasco and how it's not fair. It's hysterical since he has Lane Kiffin roaming the sidelines like a recently released pedophile in a windowless cargo van.

God damn USC makes me sick. I'm just glad Notre Dame whooped their ass and nobody on their campus actually gives a shit about the football program anymore. Even Will Ferrell is embarrassed to call himself a Trojan now. I'm pretty sure I saw him wearing one of those Scoregon shirts the other day.

Campus cribs video via The Big Lead


If you haven't heard Lebron Benedict Arnold James returns to Cleveland tonight with his barely .500 Miami Heat squad. It's the first time since Albert Belle returned with the White Sox that a player who was once revered by the home team is now clearly public enemy #1 in Cleveland. It should be interesting. Not really. It's regular season NBA action. It's about as relevant as Derek Jeter's Gold Gloves. Anyways here are some odds on his return in case you are interested in losing some money since investing in good old fashion hooker spit has been paying off for you lately.

These odds come via

LeBron James Total Points vs. Cleveland: Over/Under 26.5
Will LeBron James have a physical altercation with a fan? Yes 30/1
Will LeBron James do his pregame chalk ritual: Yes 1/50
Matt Fairchild will actually watch any part of the game other than the pregame introductions: 1 billion/1