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Saturday, September 04, 2010

"AgentGate" has gone too far

Hey NCAA... Wait for it... Wait for it... YOU SUCK. You've been "conducting investigations" for the last few months and it takes you until the day before opening kick off Saturday, aka games have already been played, to tell SOME of who is and isn't eligible. News flash, you are messing with kids futures. I pray that AJ Green, Marvin Austin, Marcel Dareus, Wesley Saunders, and every other player affected by this ridiculousness drops in the draft and sues the NCAA so they never have to play to pay their salary.

I understand if there are issues, I understand if players break the rules, I get that there are penalties and agree that they should be enforced, BUT FINISH YOUR INVESTIGATION AND DECIDE ON WHAT THOSE PENALTIES ARE BEFORE THE DAMN SEASON. Someone has to put an end to this. Someone has to step up and understand how retarded the NCAA can be. At some point, someone with common sense needs to sit on the board and actually make decisions in a TIMELY matter. The board is determining these kid's futures. They are jeopardizing the FUTURES of these kids. Get it?!?!? If you're too incompetent to finish the necessary investigations in a timely manner, HIRE ME, I'll do them. Months of this waiting game is simply ridiculous and this college football fan is simply tired of it.

Let me repeat, I do not feel the NCAA is wrong in investigating these allegations, I do not disagree with suspensions and other penalties for breaking the rules, but this "investigation" has taken way too long and has become ridiculous. Make up your minds, determine what you need to determine, and next time you need to investigate, do it in a timely fashion. Stop screwing around and make up your damn minds and stop screwing with these kid's futures. It's ridiculous, it's unfair, and it's going bite you in the ass if you don't get your damn act together.