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Friday, July 01, 2011

Oregon is in deep shit: “They were covering their tracks,” Lyles said. “They were covering their asses. They were scrambling.”

It looks like another major college football program is about to have their shit hit the fan. Yahoo Sports Dan Wetzel and Charles Robinson have a detailed report on some damaging information in regards to how the University of Oregon used "scouting service owner" Will Lyles to help funnel money to himself in order to sway star Texas recruits such as tailback Lache Seastrunk to the Ducks as well as current Heisman candidate LaMichael James. This isn't going to end well at all for head coach Chip Kelly.

Lyles insists Oregon did not make a direct request or payment to steer recruits to Eugene. However, he now says Oregon did not pay him for his work as a traditional scout, but for his influence with top recruits and their families and his ability to usher prospects through the signing and eligibility process. That dual role as mentor to prospects and paid contractor to Oregon is believed to be a focus of the NCAA probe.

“I look back at it now and they paid for what they saw as my access and influence with recruits,” Lyles said. “The service I provided went beyond what a scouting service should … I made a mistake and I’m big enough of a man to admit I was wrong.”

Of course now Kelly is avoiding phone calls and answering the media to these allegations. Which in layman's terms means he is guilty.
You should go read the full report over at Yahoo. They have pictures, emails, hand-written notes and phone records backing up Lyles side of the story. He has nothing to gain out if it so I presume he isn't making all this shit up. He basically received $25k with the assurance that he would help sway recruits to Oregon. This would be a major no-no for the NCAA and the infraction committee.

My guess is the coverup with Kelly and his staff to the infractions they committed is going to be too damaging to survive. The story will only grab more legs as soon as ESPN and CNN/SI pick it up. I'm sure the more they dig up the more infractions will be found and could go all the way to Nike Founder Phil Knight. It was a fun ride for Oregon while it lasted. Now it's time to get their wings clipped.

Friday Funbags

Friday is finally here and the 3 day July 4th weekend is upon us. Thank f-ing God. This week we had some good submissions for the Friday Funbags but I'm still not getting enough emails over this. I'm seriously getting like 4 or 5 a week. Come on guys. Everybody loves funbags. Well almost everybody. So be sure to email them to me at No excuses. Just do it. Enjoy.

Sometimes I gotta throw an offspeed knuckle curve when you think you are getting the hard high one just to keep you on your toes. Here is a bodacious booty gif...

And we end it with SportsCrack favorite Sofia Vergara...

18 Year Old Falls Off Top Escalator

I know some of you maybe viewing this and feel awful for the kid. I'm the complete opposite. I'm laughing my ass off at this idiot showing off for his buddy. You wanna play with the sword then you take a chance of dying by the sword. The shitty part is the family probably sued the park and/or escalator manufacturer and got a huge settlement out of it. I don't know I think I'd rather live and walk again then have a ton of money.